Conan License Update

Monolith taking over license.

Did everything come out for Conan? Did I miss out on the Doom/Momentum tokens?

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I hope the make some stuff available for download that they had already prepared for Spear & Fang. I was looking forward to that very much…


I could have sworn the tokens were released forever ago, but now that I look for them on sale, including Ebay, I see none anywhere.

I just hope they keep these Forums up for the 2d20 Conan game. Be a crime to lose all of the information here. There’s still 10 books or so I don’t own, so I might pick everything up by the end so I have a complete out-of-print collection at least.

Also super excited to see the ruleset Monolith comes up with. Their rules for the boardgame are already awesome and thematic so I expect great things.

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Isn’t Conan in public domain? For the Robert E Howard part it should be.

The stories but not the name. That’s the reason comic series retelling all of REH’s original Conan stories is not named Conan but The Cimmerian.

After a check you can publish what you want from Howard in Europe but have to wait until January 1st 2028 to sell in USA.
Modiphius UK please continue

Paradox Entertainment asserts that the company own the rights to all of Robert E. Howard’s stories and characters. They arguably would have a trademark on the character names for marketing purposes, but there is no evidence that their claims of owning copyright on the original stories and characters are valid. Howard’s stories were published at a time when the copyrights had to be explicitly renewed to continue, and there is no record of this ever happening.[1] The copyright status of all of Howard’s works published during his life are thus in question.[2] In the United Kingdom, 70 years after the death of an author his works fall into the public domain and as such the works of Robert E. Howard have now fallen into the public domain there.

Looking on Mod’s site, they released a deck of Momentum/Doom cards, but I could’ve sworn they were going to drop stones.

I got to check what hardcovers I have now. Did we get all the Conan the * books?

That’s sad. But I felt something like that was coming with the reduced release pace and lack of VTT support.

Ordered the last two books and my collection is complete and have content for years to come. Still undecided on the cards…

Well, well, well. And I just got into the game.

I already got :

  • Core Rulebook
  • Player’s Guide
  • The Pirate
  • The Mercenary
  • The Book of Skelos

Two questions to all veteran players and GMs :

  1. What are the other tomes you really need to own ?
  2. Does the campaign modules are worth it ?

I’d rate Horrors of the Hyborian Age as a must have.

The adventures are good ideas but suffer from writers who don’t seem to know the actual mechanics of the game they’re writing for.


I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten my hands on all of the books. Nabbed a couple more core books and some more blank character sheets today just to be sure I had them on hand in the future.

It’s been a fun run, sad to see it end, but it’s a good range.

As for what you want to get, that all depends on what you want to get out of the game. The core rulebook is the only thing you HAVE to have.

That said, I’d echo that the Horrors of the Hydorian Age is probably the most useful book in the range outside of what you already have. I’m also rather fond of the Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities book. And if you want to build on the “Pirate” book, then Waves Stained Crimson" is a good one.

My advice, look through the book listings, read the summary so you know what the books are about, then then make your decision about which books you want once you know what each of them has to offer.


I second Ancient Cities. I make great use of the Treasure Hoard Random Generator.


Could not agree more with Grendel above - the adventures feel like they were written for a different game.

As far as recommendations/opinions, the books I sprung for physical copies of are:

GM Screen and kit
Book of Skelos
Nameless Cults
Horrors of the Hyborian Age
Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities
Jeweled Thrones of the Earth

I do not regret having any of those except maybe the adventure book, Jeweled Thrones of the Earth. Ancient Ruins is definitely not essential in my opinion but way more useful than Thrones. Everything else I would definitely call essential for me - so sad to see the line end!

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Based on what you already have my suggestion for physical product is:

Conan: Gamemaster Screen + Gamemaster Toolkit

Dice set. 2d20 uses specially marked d6. You can use regular d6, but the custom dice are better IMO

Horrors of the Hyborian Age, a bestiary covering monsters, undead, demons and other horrors

Nameless Cults, a sourcebook describing the cults, gods, rituals and divine magic of the Hyborian Age

Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities, a sourcebook covering ruins, lost cities and other forgotten places

The rest of the books I would get as PDFs as they have some great info.

Conan the Barbarian, a sourcebook focusing on barbarian characters and adventures and featuring the Hyborian fictional lands of Asgard, Vanaheim, Hyperborea and Cimmeria

Conan the Thief, a sourcebook focusing on thief characters and campaigns and featuring the Hyborian fictional lands of Nemedia, Brythunia, Corinthia and Zamora

Conan the Brigand, a sourcebook focusing on brigand characters and adventures and featuring the Hyborian fictional lands of Khoraja, Khauran and Turan

Conan the Wanderer, a sourcebook focusing on adventuring in the Hyborian fictional lands of Iranistan, Ghulistan, Kosala and Vendhya

Conan the Adventurer, a sourcebook focusing on adventures in the Hyborian fictional lands of Kush, Keshan, Darfar, Punt, Zembabwei and the Black Kingdoms

Conan the Scout, a sourcebook focusing on scout-based characters and adventures and featuring the Hyborian fictional lands of Gunderland, the Westermarck, the Bossonian Marches and the Border Kingdom

Conan the King, a sourcebook focusing on noble characters and adventures, including king-level mass combat rules and featuring the Hyborian fictional lands of Aquilonia, Poitain, Nemedia and Koth.

While there are a lot of PDF adventures, three books were printed. You may not want to spring for them in hardcopy, but as PDFs they are very handy.

Jeweled Thrones of the Earth (June 2017), a collection of seven standalone adventures

Waves Stained Crimson Campaign, a campaign sourcebook.

Conan The Shadow of The Sorcerer, a campaign sourcebook.


Thanks so much for making a fantastic Conan game. Will continue to gm this for a long time.

I really hope we get whatever Spear and Fang content that they already have worked up. After all, one of the last wave’s books (which is now literally the LAST wave) had a section that basically said “… there should be Pict info here. But we got a Pict sourcebook coming out soon, so stay tuned.” Seems like the Pict info should be a free .pdf download for all, or at a minimum, to people who bought the book I referenced above (Conan the King? the Wanderer?) and were left hanging.

Also, I think it’s bunk that we Kickstarter backers “unlocked” Roll20 support that has never materialized…but I acknowledge that’s not 100% within Modiphius’s control.

I really hope that they bundle their PDF adventures into a final book for us. I MUCH prefer a physical book over PDFs.


Related to this thread, I am naturally (and selfishly) concerned about this forum disappearing as a result of the product line having reached its conclusion. So many useful threads and references, which I still consult regularly. Let’s hope this knowledge and tools aren’t lost to the community… :frowning:

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I don’t think the subforum will be removed. It will be absolutely ridiculous if they do it. After all - the product is out there and even discontinued from Modiphius, it will be used for years to come. The FAQ is not even up to date with many topics that have been discussed here in great details and I often refer to threads when I forget something.

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Modiphius did not remove the Mutant Chronicles subforums after the license ran out.
So I imagine this Conan subforum will stay, too.