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Funcom "fully owning the rights"?

Just wondering what this may mean for any future game supplements or a 2nd edition or anything…

Hopefully it means they are going to do an AOC 2.

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More Conan games would be good :slight_smile: Just hoping that Modiphius can keep doing RPG stuff. I’d love a 2nd Edition that fixes some of the mechanics issues and takes things that have been refined in other games into account.


The Conan 2d20 Kickstarter waves are still in development and so the product line is not “finished” - as is apparently the case with Mutant Chronicles 3.

I don’t know the sales on the latter wave books for Conan, I assume they will be not that high anyway, as those are targeted for GMs (adventures, campaigns, etc.) and as such will sell less copies than player targeted books.

I hope the Conan 2d20 product line is still going strong so that we might see a second edition, preferably a revised one addressing some of the problems that are discussed here in the forums (power creep of PCs, making it hard to challenge them as a GM - for example).


I hope so too. You can just tell Modiphius loves the hell out of Conan and just a few tweaks from a 2nd edition would be awesome.

This may mean for gaming console rights… unless Modiphius have said ‘Right, we’ll do this stuff’ (shows them the 2d20 stuff) and Funcom replied ‘OK, this stuff is pretty awesome we’ll take it all home, read it and see what we can do!’ :grin:

AFAIK it’s “fully own the rights” and they specifically mentioned it doesn’t impact the Marvel comics because those are ongoing and grandfathered in. Perhaps the RPG falls into the same categorization.

generally full ownership of the rights in this case would mean they’re managing the IP and lisences. that said given they produced a conan exiles specific supplement it’s safe to say Morphedius and Funcom have worked together before so they’re clearly “in communication”

Robert E. Howard died in 1936, if you stick to his books I wonder if you have to pay copyright. Sure, Marvel Comics owns the Red Sonja’s chain mail bikini. OK that’s enough to pay copyright to someone.

Red Sonja isn’t owned by Marvel nor is she part of Howard’s material.

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she’s born in 1973, like me, and it was a marvel comics publication even if they apparently managed to keep their rights (well done ) Red Sonja - Wikipedia partially based on Robert E. Howard’s characters Red Sonya of Rogatino and Dark Agnes de Chastillon.
Take a look at legal issues paragraph also,