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More Howard, Solomon Kane!

New to the forums, loving Conan and checking into a few other 2d20 games. My thought was, since we have Conan, how about a companion book or even a separate game altogether for playing in the world of Solomon Kane. It seems like it would be pretty easy to do.

Just my two cents on setting ideas.


Kull is coming, we don’t have the rights to Kane. Pinacle (Savage Worlds) has it.


Until the end of 2019 and then Pinnacle loses those rights. Cabinet (the IP holder for the Howard estate properties) already has a good working relationship with you fine Modiphius folks. Thus, I’m guessing (though it wouldn’t be a huge priority) that a 2D20 Solomon Kane game would be on the horizon sometime in the future, yes?

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I’d love to see a Solomon Kane game using 2d20.

Not as BnW as it looks: Pinnacle Inc has done an awesome job with The Savage World of Solomon Kane, IMHO+