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My personal suggestions

On a personal, unofficial level, I’ve long thought we need a 2d20 Superhero or High Fantasy game. Anyone feel up to either of those?


You wouldn’t go far wrong building High Fantasy off of an adjusted Conan base (tweak some of the core assumptions, rebuild the magic and add in other player species at bare minimum), and I’ve pondered how to do Supers.

However, doing more than that is something that requires free time, and that’s not something I have in abundance.


I would love and pay good money for a 2d20 Superhero game, (even more so if the rights for a certain two lettered IP could be acquired. One can dream!)

@Modiphius-Nathan extra free time is easy. Just clone yourself :laughing:

2d20 Supers? Yes please.

Have you started yet :grinning:

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2d20 Justice League :metal:

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High fantasy. I’d definitely like to take a look at something with magic system…


Yes, I too would very much like a high fantasy setting. I would, in fact, pay good money for such a thing (or to kickstart it).

Shannara Chronicles?
Deverry Cycle (I’d LOVE this setting to be realized in a game)?

Purge of Babylon/Road to Babylon (Sam Sisavath novel series).

Monster Hunters International (Larry Correia novel series) would be another great setting to pursue. We take the fight to the Supernatural World, where it is possible to take on the Great Old Ones.

Into the Badlands anyone?

How about the world created by Terry Goodkind with the Sword of Truth series, continued in the Nicci Chronicles.

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High Fantasy (or not so high, but a little more mid-power…?) definitely. But something unique to Modiphius and possibly with a writer or two already interested in developing the world in fiction.

What did you mean when you said

Are you inviting suggestions or contributions? I’ve alwys thought a high(er) Fantasy setting based more on North American geography/topography rather than European would be cool. But with a slavic mythology/Charlemagne flavour. And goblins, obviously.
Poul Anderson’s ‘Broken Sword’ meets Vinlandia.

Joshua Dalzelle’s Omega Force would be a fantastic SciFi setting, mankind just getting involved in galaxy politics. Omega Force on

Time for a new take on the Wildcards series, GRRM wiling!

A 2d20 Supers book would be pretty awesome. Particularly if it’s part of the eventual SRD. I’d really like to see a system that’s not heavy on the point gen, kind of like the old FASERIP Marvel game. Not necessarily random, but maybe something simplified, like choosing an archetype for powers and working off from that. Build a character with background and occupation based skills and talents, then choose (or roll) for an archetype, which would have slots that could be filled and advanced.

In the same respect, I’m hoping for a more comic book like setting like DC or Marvel. Imagine spending Momentum to gain additional comic book effects like Knockback, or Bouncing a Blast. Or even Stunting a Power. :wink: