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Anybody used Infinity 2d20 for other settings?

As 2d20 Conan is my to go system for fantasy, I plan to use 2d20 Infinity for my scifi to go system. I imagine it is perfectly suited for settings such as Expanse and Altered Carbon. I plan to use it for Avatar as well. Does anybody used those Infinity mechanics for other settings and which experience did you make?

I am slowly picking up the infinity books as and when i have spare money (Not going on fallout or elderscrolls) but have been tempted to run a Altered Carbon based game (before someone actually made one)

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I have not used it for another setting but I really don’t see any problem for doing it. I really love infinity as a setting but it’s not exactly unique and most of the concept can be found in other futuristic but realistic settings.

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I’ve been working on a conversion of DP9’s Jovian Chronicles using the Infinity version of the 2d20 system… it’s got a lot of tweaks thus far.

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Does bringing Conan characters into the Infinity setting count? Lol

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there’s a huge discount on the Infinity mega bundle atm


I own all but 3 of the books in hard copy and most of the pdfs because of this or I’d take advantage of that!

I saw the announcement for a Stargate RPG, that will be based on the D&D5 rules. That got me thinking of converting the 2D20 for that universe, because I don’t really like the D&D-System.

I have the old AEG Spycraft version of the Stargate rules