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A!C 2d20 Character Sheet?

How soon do we think we can expect a character sheet? Or should I get to work on Google Docs…?

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As I prefer Google Doc character sheets, please, go ahead and let’s see what you came up with.

I see that there’s a free .pdf of the character sheet up on the site! Thanks!

But as it’s not form-fillable, I guess I’ll keep working on my Docs version. Posting soon as I’m done with a draft…

Any idea if a VTT version for the main VTT platforms will be made available?

Here we go with a first attempt at a Google Doc character sheet!

I’d consider a solid A-minus, which is the story of my life. Props in advance to anyone who wants to take a run at doing their own version or making improvements!

Looks good at first glance.
Do you think you could find space for a character portrait?

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Some updates!

I’ve got a revised version of the character sheet.


I worked up a bit of optional character background “homework”. This steals heavily from Jame’s D’Amato’s RPG BACKSTORY book, which I heartily recommend.

Enjoy! (?)

Okay…I see that Astral VTT has the A!C 2D20 Quickstart up and have looked at it, but I don’t think the character sheets work correctly. Anyone else have this issue?