VTT for A!C 2D20

Just wondering if anyone knows of VTT resources for A!C 2D20? Know that Astral has the quickstart, but I was finding a bunch of issues with it and the developer of Astral just resigned. Have used Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 for other games.

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I’m using Roll20, made a Fortune deck, a Threat deck and a Momentum deck, then added Custom Token Symbols to the campaign for wounds and mental trauma - and prone! - to toggle on your tokens.
For dice rolling, I created a d20-pool macro and a combat dice macro. For the combat dice I created a rollable table with the symbols from the official A!C combat dice.

That is all I need.

The character sheets are PDFs in Google Drive and at everyone’s computer at home, regularly updated after each session.

Using the macros and the token symbols I don’t need to create PC and NPC character sheets and tediously fill those fiddly forms with the stat blocks. I simply use the ones in the PDFs - just like I would for a game at my table at home.


A system is being developed for Foundryvtt, and it looks really nice.


Do they need Alpha/Beta testers?

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It’s in active development
github . com/superseva/ac2d20

Pretty good. I cannot post links :-/ just remove the spaces.


Am a Roll20 user myself. Are there any plans for a character sheet for that VTT?

We use Fantasy Grounds, which has a passable Conan ruleset which I run. Should be easy enough to port that for A!C if somebody is up for it.

Has FoundryVtt got an AC2d20 system on it now?

It’s workable and has some automation, but is still quite basic. And you will need to put anything in that you need to run a game (maps, NPC’s, PC’s etc.)

Nice one :sunglasses: will give it a try next session, thanks :+1:

As far as I’ve seen, Foundry VTT is excellent. They have a free Ruleset for Achtung 2d20 that is pretty much perfect.

The only downside is that you have to enter all your assets personally. If you want to drag and drop weapons, equipment, talents to your character sheet, it’s a lot of work.

Personally I enjoy doing it. For me the essential part is having a functional ruleset.

I would add my recommendation for FoundryVTT. I’ve run 27 hours of Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 in it to this point, and it’s an excellent character sheet - especially considering someone did it for free.

If anyone has any questions on its use, feel free to hit me up.

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