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What To Do Till A!C 2d20 Drops?

I am so hyped to run A!C for my gaming group!

The only catch: we would love to start in 2 weeks, and the A!C Quickstart isn’t out yet, let alone the core book!

What to do?

  • Adapt the 2d20 rules homebrew style in the meantime?
  • Wait patiently?
  • Read a ton of lore?
  • Run A!C by other systems and then convert characters when we get ahold of the new rules?

As they say on 1d4chan: what do?

I see your dilemma. I have also put my A!C campaign on temporary hiatus because of the very much anticipated A!C 2d20 release. We have been using FATE up until now. It´s great for storytelling but a bit too loose in other areas.

I was actually trying to cook up something homebrew style. But it´s just too much work and it is very hard to establish consensus among the players on how things actually should work. It tends to draw focus from what I want as a GM: a strong narrative driven WW2 counter intelligence setting with paranoia, occult and outright supernatural themes. I need a slightly pulpy ruleset that help bring this about.

You should totally read up on WW2, there’s a ton of relevant history and many fascinating biographies that make great inspiration for adventures. Since the official secrets act of 1989 opened the lid of the archives somewhat, a lot of SOE and “secret war” information has been released.

I personally think CoC/BRP is a bit unexciting, and FATE is too loose. I have no experience with Savage Worlds but maybe it´s worth a try if you are pressed for time and want to get going?

Edit: Reposted as a reply in the thread instead.

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Nice to hear I’m not alone here!

I will definitely update my WW2 knowledge–I don’t have nearly enough “on hand” in my brain, and you’re pointing out rightly that I ought to (for fun and for better GMing).

I’m cooking up 3 other options, as well, and I’d love feedback:

  • Run / play a session of modified THE QUIET YEAR to establish the players in a secret organization setting they care about.
  • Run a session of players as Terrible Nazikultist Monsters or Sorcerers where they establish the big bad of the upcoming campaign. This could be in any game system. It could even be something wild like a flashback to dark ages Europe where we see the elder gods planting a terror not to be awoken in 1,000 years.
  • Run a session in 2d20 “modern” with pregens where the players are the “last” team of Good Guys who Die Horribly and in whose absence the PCs now have to step up to the plate, launching the new campaign.

What to do I hear you say? How about turn up for, or watch, this?

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Such a great stream!

But waiting until December is going to KILL ME DEAD. Well, it will without a Beta to tide me over…


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Is it the quickstart that is going to be released in December or is it the full game?

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It’s the quickstart. And there’s currently no fixed deadline to announce, but we’re aiming for before the end of the year - which is where December came from :wink:

Oh noes! Does the team have a sense of how long after the quickstart we could expect to see the full game drop? And how long before that we can lay down a preorder?

When we know, we’ll let you know. :smiley:

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Oh, and by the way - PART TWO is tonight

Okay, okay, but, like…


…inquiring minds and wallets want to know what to do here!


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Great stream yesterday! Thanks for tolerating our questions and shenanigans in chat!

Alright, well–I kind of couldn’t take the wait. So I’ve started up some tangential things, like this new way I’m going to update my players with session summaries!


So, PRE-ORDER Q1 you say?

Thrilling news from ModCon, and a wonderfully fun live play with GM Lloyd.

Greedy question for @Modiphius-Steve: Can we, like, pre-order the pre-order?

My players are already working through a mini-adventure set in/using Conan 2d20…