Intro module to 2D20 AC

Started outlining a into to AC 2D20 Module.

The main goal is to use / show off many aspects of the 2D20 system as a storytelling framework.
So I am including thins like the Sudden Reveal, Pass but Complication, How when adding Threat to ramp up the tension, using Truths to set the scene, Extended Tests, Chase Scene and things like that.

Wanting to show case many of the unique parts, to help the players and the GM get the flow of 2D20 and the world of AC.

It also starts the players out to meet each other, and gets them assigned under a dour aristocrat that is not thrilled working with godless types.

Was wondering what other things might be good to slip in.
There is of course some combat, sneaking if they wish, notes on things to research which will happen between or next session as some time sensitive matters are at hand.

They will encounter a few Mythos things, as well as Human Cultists.

What other systems do you see as something 2D20 does well?

Thanks all!


Hi there! Have you looked at A QUICK TRIP TO FRANCE or any of the other intro adventures for A!C 2d20? They’re pretty well-designed to do what you’re talking about, and I reckon you could get a lot out of them even if you just stole the spine/framework.

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