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Quickstart arriving Feb23rd!

Can’t wait for Feb 23rd!

Anyone know if we’ll be getting more than the 5 pregens? Chance for some bonus content on the site?

And now it is available for free download.

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Howdy All:

I have just grabbed the Quickstart, very hyped by it. It looks good. As usual the quality of the writing and story is fantastic. I am looking forward to the full system when it comes out.

Can I please offer an observation as an Aussie, living in the what you would call the outback can I make a cultural observation. It is fantastic to see an Australian character, Corporal Sarah Walker and she is a very nice inclusion with an exception, she really would not use a “Boomerang”, culturally, practically or even usefully.

It gave me a strong cringe factor. I can see what you were looking to create with the character, but can I suggest the flavour can be retained by just removing the Boomerang, it will improve the appeal to most Australians.


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In the credits there is no “cultural sensitivity reader” listed. Maybe it would have been a good idea to employ one on this especially sensitive setting in WWII, as there are many cultural sensitivities touched.


Quick question, now I’ve had the chance to read it: will there be an additional .pdf of just the characters and rules summary, so that I can share this with my players and not spoil the adventure for them?

Just do a print as pdf of the quick start pdf and just choose the pages you want to print. And then you’ll have a PDF of just the pages you want to hand out.


Hello all!

Having flipped a little bit through the new 2d20 Achtung! Cthulhu i have a little question:

Will there be any sanity-related rules or will this point play no role in this new edition?

Greetings from germany!

Hi folks,

I know this thread is for the upcoming 2d20 Achtung! Cthulhu RPG, but as an avid tabletop gamer, I was wondering if this would mean that we would also see more content for the Skirmish/Combat version of the game too.

I may well be a bit late to the party but I am reading through the rules (and hunting a playthrough) and really like what I see.