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News on A!C 2d20?

The wind blows as tumble weeds roll down the empty corridors…

So any news on A!C 2d20?
Not looking for specifics, though I wouldn’t turn them down.
But some kind of something would really let us know if A!C 2d20 is at least on life support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The game is currently in the later stages of development. With any RPG, there’s normally a quiet period between playtesting and release when the game is completed, edited, goes through layout, gets art added, and so forth, transforming it from word documents into a book, and that part takes time, during which there often isn’t much more to say.


We’re still playing it using the beta rules. It’s been fun guessing how to make monsters.

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Thanks for the updates.
I fully understand not having many details.
It had just been a LONG time since I heard anything.