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Discover the secret history of World War Two.

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There is character sheet of ready characters for beta?

Just uploaded!

Hi everyone, I received the material for scenario 2 of the Beta (but not scenario 1). So I don’t have the precompiled characters sheets, can you tell me where I can retrieve them or who should I contact? Thank you.

We haven’t supplied pre-generated characters as we’d really like you to test out character creation! If that’s a problem, let us know, we could provide you with something if desperately needed.

Sorry, I thought I had lost some files.
I thought it was like the Star Trek Adventures beta, my mistake, thank you!

I’m very curious about Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20. To me the 2D20 system has two « philosophies « (for the lack of a better word). First off it emulates genre more than reality and thus it is perfect for emulating Star Trek, Conan, John Carter and probably Tarzan and all the pulp fiction’ stories. And, second, it is particularly fitting to heroic genre. But CoC is about horror, dread and despair. Is the 2D20 system able to emulate this as well? I’m intrigued ^^.

Can you still sign up for the Beta?