Unusual (Ala HellBoy) Player Characters for Achtung 2D20 (from offical PDF dossier)

Hi All, I asked this question years (not sure how long) ago (cannot find the original post), it was about the character dossier that was originally relesed for the D100 Achtung rules. I wanted to know how to include unusual player characters (such as Hellboy and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defensese) in my game as per this document (as it reallly got my players into Achtung).

Having had a good look through the 2D20 rules now I cannot see where this options are (I remember been told these types of rules might be included somewhere?).

Does anyone know if there are these types of rules for 2D20 anywhere? Or is there another source book coming?

The characters I am refering too are (from the Acthung book and PDF “Tales from the Cruible” by Chris Birch):

Ariane Dubois who has bonded to some sort of Cthuluhoid familiar that eats Nazi’s

Natalya Petrova who has big, invisible claws following her around that shred Nazi’s

Corporal Akhee “The Eye” Singh with a powerful but dangerous psychic gift

Sergeant Brandon Carter “His Thompson SMG to take on a life of its own, spitting out
Mythos-fuelled bullets”

And so on, there a quiet of few of those types, the aboves are examples. Those type of things I would really love to re-create in Achtung for my players to use, are there any rules to do the above? Are any upcoming?

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I saw stats for Dubois, Singh, and Carter in the GM Guide, including special rules for their special stuff, but I haven’t gotten to give it a thorough read to see if there are rules for giving these kinds of things to players yet.

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Hi JerichoholicNinja, there are stats but no rules for how to give these kinds of things to players that I can see.

Any offical updates from the design team re: future rules for this?

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