Favourite unit(s)/equipment combos?

So I haven’t actually had much chance to play the game yet, but when I do get the opportunity I really like to field units that feel thematically appropriate. I’ve been looking at the cards online, and quite like the idea of trying to form a small force from a set of minutemen led by Preston and Nora. That, or a “recon squad” style BoS force, with something like a scribe, Danse, and as many power armoured Knights as can be bought with the caps available (maybe also a second scribe or a combat armoured Knight, but the point would be that most of the force would be in power armour).

I was just wondering if anyone had any particular units they liked to field together, or if there were any particular combinations of equipment they’ve found fun to use (whether it be from a thematic point of view or because it’s really good on the tabletop)?

Our games tend to be more on the narrative side because we either play full co-op versus the AI or 2 vs 1 if one of us had a fun idea for a scenario with hidden information. We also use the settlement rules, so access to equipment is somewhat limited.
Nevertheless, we usually field Nora, Nate and Sturges, since we’ve taken to look at these as our respective heroes. And they work well together, with Nate using a minigun, a machete and Lone Wanderer to keep the enemy busy close up and personal while Nora hangs back, using a laser rifle and Concentrated Fire to snipe at anything that foolishly steps into her sights. Meanwhile, Sturges either runs interference, shooting soft targets with his .44 with Comfort Grip, uses terminals or picks up items. And the bonus weapon mods he brings in for the the other two are always helpful as well.

It’s been about a month since I’ve played, but the Minutemen have a lot of synergy out of the box. They are all about creating AoE buffs for each other, grouping up in the same area, and getting some really nice bonuses as a result.

I’ve been playing mostly Super Mutants so far. While they are most about being aggressive and locking down models in base-to-base, I like to have one model on my team with a missle launcher, which I find helps take advantage of shots on opposing models attempting to stay out of charge distance from my Brutes.

I currently only have the starter and the Settlement Deck, and I’m still working they the training missions, so I haven’t tried the “fully operational” Nora or other expansion units.

I haven’t seen him mentioned yet. Maybe it’s because people see him as an “auto-include” with Nora. Maybe it’s just because of my limited unit pool. But Dogmeat has been the MVP of every game I’ve played! The range of movement he has, his stats, and the fact that he hits like a truck on a charge.

I ran a co-op vs AI demo for about 3-4 people. Each person picked one character to be. (Figures it’s be easier for them to keep up with while learning and vs AI would give them a wider understanding of what the game can do) I tried telling them about the beast that is Dogmeat. No one believed me (he was the last one picked because no one wanted to be “just a dog”). Then the game started, and opinions changed quickly. Lol

That’s a really neat idea, I like how each of them focusses on a particular role to be able to overcome any given challenge!

Yeah it looks like they would based on their cards, especially combined with Preston. I imagine they’d do well holed up together in a fortification, bravely holding the line against incoming super mutants!

That’s a good use for it, I imagine it could also be useful for softening up any power armoured enemies before you reach melee range?

Yeah he caught me by surprise, he’s much more powerful than I would’ve expected! Useful for heading off mutant hounds and a horde of ghouls that were about to pounce on settlers I’ve found

One setup I found to be rather effective was:
Brotherhood Knight
T-60 Power Armor
Laser Rifle
Comfort Grip

I think that’s my favorite build so far.


That seems like a good solid build!

It adds up to 238 points. Gives you 8 to hit and has the general tankyness of anyone in power armor. Trade him out for a Paladin for another 28 points but the biggest thing you gain for that is a +1 to your hit in this case (You get more than that out of it if you want do make it more versatile, but in my case I was just looking for bang for my points.)

With the Knight, I also like that he gives a +1 armor bonus to allied models. which I felt was useful.

With a 300 points game, I used the above build with a Knight Patrol with a Combat Shotgun the one game (61pts. Could almost hear the guy following my Knight around with a set of coconuts.). Kind of wish I’d have been able to afford a stimpack, but it just wasn’t going to happen in a 300 point game.

Between the Knight all kitted out, and the Knight Patrol it was a total of 299pts. I’ve been playing that build in single player games quite a bit the last two days.

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Are you referring to the Knight’s “Hardy” ability? I didn’t think it gives +1 armor to all allied models - just that it gives the Knight model itself a +1 bonus.

As a side note, the Knight’s +1 armor bonus is wasted when he’s wearing power armor.

Sounds like something we were probably doing wrong then. We were reading “Each model starts with +1” and we were assuming each model in the unit.

I think it does refer to each model in the unit, but not each model in your army (unit referring to the models being represented by that card only) :slight_smile:

Is it wasted? If I’m taking 2 damage simultaneously does it not remove one damage automatically and the strong armor bonus removes the other?

It’s certainly not a very important bonus in PA but it’s useful in certain edge cases right?

It doesn’t work that way with power armor. Power armor doesn’t benefit at all from any strong armor bonus icons (such as the Knight’s Hardy ability). So yes, it would be wasted. The Knight’s Hardy ability is only useful when it isn’t wearing power armor.