Show me your lists (mini competition of a sort)

Fallout players, show me your lists .

I’m curious to see what forces you all regularly play with.

So, if you have a standard list (or lists) then throw them up here for me to review.

Everyone that does so, I’ll put your name in a hat and the lucky winner I pull gets some random bits off my desk.*

If you can mention what game mode(s) you usually use them in, that would help too.

  • I can’t promise anything, but I will at least try to make them fallout related :wink:

I’ve been running a Super Mutant list lately that’s been surprisingly effective:

Settlement Mode: 750 points.

Super Mutant Master (100)
-Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle (10)
-Huge Club (21)
Suicider (55)
Suicider (55)
Mutant Hound Fiend (65)
Mutant Hound Fiend (65)
Super Mutant (40)
-Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle (10)
-Board (8)
Super Mutant (40)
-Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle (10)
-Board (8)
Super Mutant (40)
-Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle (10)
-Board (8)
Super Mutant (40)
-Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle (10)
-Board (8)
Enslaved Tech (35)
-Combat Shotgun (10)

Total Points: 748

I’ve actually found this to be a surprisingly potent group. Mutant Hounds rush forward, drawing fire while everything else moves into position. Suiciders rush in right behind the Hounds. Opponents are faced with the choice of either trying to take out the Hounds before they reach them, or taking out the Suiciders. Meanwhile the Super Mutants find good positions and take pot shots as they are able. Enslaved Tech basically runs around in the background searching objective markers and looting while the Master stands back where they can easily support either the front line or if needed the Tech. I’m three for three with that squad, and every game has been somewhat one sided.


Narrative Mode

I don’t recall the exact equipment load out…

It was a small game against my son. Objective was to collect the most tokens out of an odd number. 500 points. He was Settlers, and I was the Brotherhood.

Goddard and Paladin, both in power armor. One with a laser rifle, the other a plasma rifle.

2x each Lancers and Field Scribes. Assault rifles, shotguns, and I think a gamma gun - just to see how it did.

There were some melee weapons in there as well.

I sent the armored gents up the middle, trusting in their power armor to survive hits and draw fire. They collected a couple tokens if it didn’t take them out of the way.

Scribes went up each flank, with Lancers providing cover. Main focus was to take advantage of speed to collect tokens.

Worked really well for me, so I’d definitely use them again. With maybe some tweaks to load outs and additional units based on army size.

We’re hoping to give a cooperative Settlement Mode vs A.I. a try soon.

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I usually play a (somewhat) cooperative settlement campaign with two buddies of mine.
By that I mean we started out with one “hero” Survivor character each and played versus the AI, filling our ranks with settlers etc. So at first we had just the standard equipment layout available, but as we found items and caps and made improvements to our settlement, we were able to field better toys, too.

We don’t have a standard list per se, what with our games being a bit on the narrative side as well as being anywhere from 400 to 1000 caps, but things that usually turn up are:

The 3 Heroes:

  • Sole Survivor (Heroic) with Laser Rifle and Concentrated Fire
  • Sturges (Heroic if caps allow for it) with .44 Revolver, Comfort Grip, Stun Baton and Toughness
  • Sole Survivor Loner (Heroic if caps allow for it) with Lone Wanderer, Missile Launcher or Minigun and Machete


  • Survivors or Brotherhood of Steel units with basic equipment
  • Survivors or Brotherhood of Steel characters, sometimes with customized equipment, sometimes not

Yes, we play it so that our 3 main folks are the heroes of the show. :slight_smile:


My SM list on 500 pts for Battle Mod (+Mod cards):
Brute + Super Sledge + Brawler + Heroes + Pack Leader
Brute + Minigun + Nail Board
Enslaved Tech
Skirmisher + Sledge Hammer + Toughness + Superior Materials

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Here is my list for BoS on 500 pts (Battle mod + mod cards)
Paladin + T-45 + Gatling Laser + Brawler + basher + Sledge Hammer + Heroes
Asp. Goddard + Power Fist + jagged + Life Giver
Field Scribe + Laser Pistol
Knight Patrol + Combat Rifle + Reflect Sight

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And there is 500 pts for Raiders (BM+mod cards):
Veteran Raider + Minigun + Sledge Hammer + Raider PA + Heroes
Psycho + Board
Psycho + Board
Scavver + Combat Rifle + Aligned Sight
Scavver outlaw + Combat Rifle + Aligned Sight

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Usually I’ll use these four, only played narrative mode so far :slight_smile:

Sole Survivor: Heroic, Hunter, plasma rifle
Dogmeat: Heroic (from staying near Sole Survivor)
Piper: 10mm pistol, sturdy leather armour (use her to distract enemies and tank damage when she’s not going after lockpicks)
Cait: Double barrel shotgun, baseball bat, psycho

Came out to something like 500 caps, sometimes I’ll swap the plasma rifle for a laser rifle, remove the Hunter perk, throw in a stimpack etc depending on the caps we’re playing to.

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Raider Veteran 85 85 85
Machete 2 87 87
Raider PWR Armour 33 120 120
Missile Launcher 41 161 161
Heroic 60 221 221
Leader : Bruiser 26 246 247

Psycho 45 45 292
Machete 2 47 294
Molotov Coctail 6 53 300
Psycho 20 73 320

Raider 39 39 359
Orange Mentats 20 59 379
Combat Rifle 14 73 393
Tire Iron 12 85 405

Scavver Outlaw 59 59 464
Jet 20 83 484
Machete 2 85 486
Combat Shotgun 10 95 496

Swap machete from psycho to Raider

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This is my current 750ish point Super Mutant list. It’s really 751 but my friends haven’t minded yet. I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I pretty much play Battle Mode only with a few one off missions. I hope to start a more narrative campaign later.

Hammer 105
Missile Launcher 41
Super Sledge 30
Jet 20
Bruiser 26

Suicider 55

Hound x2 126

Brute 87
Minigun 23
lead pipe 12
Stimpack 38

Super Mutant 40
nail board 2
Molotov 6

Super Mutant 40
Nail Board 2

Aviator 88
Bolt Action pipe Rifle 10

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Here is the list of my Survivors, that are battling the many evil AI-dangers. They are doing this alongside some brethren from the Brotherhood and some Raiders. Each of our three forces comes from a different settlement of our narrative campaign.

Sole Survivor
:us_outlying_islands: Leader: Warden
:bulb: Perk: Bloody Mess
:gun: Rifle: Hunting Rifle
:gun: Sidearm: Stunning Pipe Rifle
:tshirt: Clothing: Military Fatigues

Free Tech
:bulb: Perk: Gun Nut - Rifle
:gun: Rifle: Combat Shotgun

:bulb: Perks: Ghoulish, Armorer
:gun: Rifle: Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle
:tshirt: Clothing: Patched Three-Piece Suit

:bulb: Perk: Huntsman
:gun: Rifle: Hunting Rifle
:mechanical_arm: Armor: Sturdy Metal Armor

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I’m going to wrap this up on Monday next week and pull the name from the hat, so if anyone else wants to contribute, now’s the time.

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Since we play narrative mode in Co-op and are three players we don’t have a lot of points to spend each. I’ve consistently played the sole survivor and dogmeat through the Campaign. Currently I’m playing a sole survivor veteran with heroic and a laser rifle and dogmeat scout. One of my friends is playing brotherhood of steel with various units depending on the mission and my last friend made his own character using the RPG supplement.

Today we played a scenario where I suprised my opponent with 2 models :smiley:

Total Cost: 500 caps
Sole Survivor Loner (123)
-Lone Wanderer (0)
-Heroic (60)
-Tech (13)
-X-01 Power Armor (85)
-Mysterious Stranger (10)
-Mysterious Stranger II (13)
-Stimpack (38)
-Gatling Laser (25)
-Minigun (23)
Dogmeat (110)
-Dog Bite (0)

He was laughing at first but than he started crying when he saw that my lone wanderer has 19 HP counting the stimpack and we played battle mode :smiley:

My standard BoS list for 750 caps battle mode is:

Total Cost: 750 caps
Paladin Danse (118)
-Heroic (60)
-Tech (13)
-Laser Rifle (30)
-Sensor Array (13)
-Thicker Plating (10)
Knight (65)
-Gatling Laser (25)
-T-60 Power Armor (72)
-Laser Pistol (7)
-Boosted Servos (7)
-Thicker Plating (10)
Lancer (60)
-Laser Rifle (30)
Lancer (60)
-Laser Rifle (30)
Lancer (60)
-Laser Rifle (30)
Field Scribe (43)
-Laser Pistol (7)

That’s a heavily tooled up Sole Survivor! How did it fare against a more numerous opponent?

Shooting with Gatling and Minigun each turn usually killed 1,5 mini each turn as he hits on 10 :smiley: On the end he used the stimpack ad was on 6 HP left. Sadly Dogmeat died to a double suicider, but saved my survivor from blast doing so :smiley:

Nice! Dual wielding heavy weapons isn’t something I’d thought of :slight_smile:

Better than Gauss Rifle which was my first shot :smiley: Today we played twice and on one game I detonated 3 suiciders with one activation, as they had so many blue dice to roll :smiley: But my oponent made a mistake of clustering them so the first detonation almost killed the rest :smiley:

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Chain detonating suiciders sounds awesome!

Unless you are a Sentry Bot, I don’t think you may do that. Not sure on which page you find it, but this robot has a special rule for firing two Heavy Weapons:

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