How to deal with Super Mutant Suiciders?

Finally have gotten started playing the fallout with my sons. So far it is a big hit and we really like it. We are new so if this is a dumb question please forgive me. We are playing the link scenarios in the campaign book, news hounds to be exact. About 450 points I was the Super Mutants and he was the survivors. I setup close to his deployment and first round ran in my Suiciders taking out 3-4 of his models. I lost my suiciders of course but he was really to hurt to play on with a chance of winning. So we talked about how to over come them and we were not sure. Bigger guns might help but you have to hit first. Power armor helps a lot but point value is high. So how do you deal with Suiciders?

On a side note, do super mutants seem a bit over powered or is just us not knowing to how to play yet. Of the 4 games we played mutants have always won no matter who plays them.

Here is what we own:
Starter Box, Super Mutant Suiciders, Survivors Heroes of Sanctuary Hills, Survivors Boston Companions, Super Mutants Suiciders, Brotherhood of Steel Frontline Knights

Increase the size of the play area. That way, the Suiciders have to cover more ground to get into range, thus giving the opposition more time to shoot them.
And use lots of terrain! Yes, that gives the Suiciders cover and protects them from enemy fire, but it also breaks line of sight for the Suiciders. And if the Suicider can’t see anyone, they can’t charge either.
And if all else fails: Bring a cheap, expendable unit yourself. An unarmed Tech or Settler, for example. And then charge the Suicider yourself, preferably when other Super Mutants are close by.
Or shoot a car next to them and hope it explodes. :smiley:

Also, just moving away from them also works for a short time and might enable you to draw them into a position where multiple guns can fire on them at once. Alternatively, bring Nora with Heroic and a Laser Rifle and light them up from afar. Or use someone with a minigun or gatling laser and riddle them with incoming fire.

I’d also recommend spreading out to minimize the number of units that could be hit by one going off, should you be unlucky. There’s a fine balance to that tho, as you also want to stay close enough to focus fire on them as well.

Supermutants as a whole are not a faction the Settlers want to go toe to toe with. Pick some priority targets and pair up to take them on. Supermutants tend to want to melee, and are going to be way better at it than most others, so light them up from a distance as much as possible. And as was mentioned before, use terrain to your advantage to cut of line of sight as much as possible, to avoid charges.

We’ve played a couple of games with Suiciders. It’s the same as a robot on self destruct, spread out so a bunch of you don’t get hit all at once, and hit it with everything you have in the hopes of killing it before it reaches you.

That’s the best we’ve come up with for dealing with them so far.

What scenarios
where you playing?

The suiciders have only appeared in custom scenarios for us.

One of them we called “Nuka Rush” and the objective was to go to a bunch of Nuka Cola machines and crates and collect 10 bottles of Nuka Cola (Every turn you remained in base contact with one of the objective pieces you could collect one bottle) then escape alive. We had one suicider in that game.

The other game we had a bunch of super mutants in an old ruined church that the settlers were trying to clear out and we had one suicider as part of that group too.

I did a couple of solo games with the suiciders as well, but no more than two, and those games were mostly for the sake of testing a new character build.

Where am I playing? At home, I have a table set up for gaming.

We have just played the linked scenarios in the campaign. Newshound is the morning own there the scucider ruled the board.

We play at home as well

I ran a multiplayer game at TriCon last weekend. Scavs, Settlers, SuperMutants, and Brotherhood - each with separate objectives. The SM player had one suicider, which hung back, kept under cover, and allowed the hounds to run ahead and draw fire. In previous games I have played, the suicider ends up out in front and gets shot down before it can close. Just as the Suicider was about to pass through the line of other SM, the Brotherhood player lit him up with a minigun. On about the third shot from walked fire, the effect dice indicated that the minigun had detonated the mininuke, taking out the suicider, a regular SM, and finishing off an already wounded master.

I had though keeping him behind everything else until most of the distance was closed would help the suicider reach his target. Instead, it meant he took out significant friendly forces. Obviously, spreading out friendlies when a suicider is on the table is the correct tactic.

It also seems that Walk-fire weapons are the perfect counter.



Indeed! Mine was blown up by a gatling laser in the first turn it become visible.