Show me your lists (mini competition of a sort)

I found it, its not in the rulebook but in the Errata thats why I missed it. Thanks for guiding me into reading errata :smiley:

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Any news on the results?

I think he was doing it next week or something? :slight_smile:

Ok, the dice have fallen and the lucky winner of something random off my desk is Timothy Read. Drop me a PM with your address and I’ll get a box on its way to you shortly.

Thanks to everyone for playing, this data all helps us make informed decisions and shows us how you are interacting with the game so we appreciate the time.


Can you tell us what bits did he get? Just of curiosity :slight_smile:

I read that title wrong at first…


I had some sub master Mirelurks so he got a sneak look at what we will be releasing on that front.