Enclave Warrant Officer / Lieutenant presence range - Black or Green?

On the FWW app, the Warrant Offcier and Lieutenant have presence range of Green while their cards on the Modiphius downloads page still has a range of Black - have their presence ranges been reduced, or is this a glitch with the app wave 6 update?

This is a bit of a game changer as far as the Enclave Training abilitties go for these two units.

Have you mailed jamie? As it is third party, i think it is a bug.

I haven’t (yet) but will once I get an official ruling.

I’m guessing it’s just an app glitch, but you never know

Its an app glitch. Jamie doesn’t get errata that the wider community doesn’t also get so we’d see the PDFs changed as well if they got bumped down to Green. Since he hand enters everything errors like this are pretty common.

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Hey all,

Go by what is on the actual cards for this, for the very reasons stated.


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