Colonel Autumn Enclave Training

.Sorry for all the Qs.

I notice that Autumn has Enclave training - but per the Enclave Reference card, units can only benefit from it if they both have that icon and the power armor icon - unless the card says they have both like the WO and LT.

So that means to me that Autumns abilities work for him and everyone else that has training (and as a side note, does his abilities only work for people that HAVE Enclave training?) and none of the others work for him unless he is equipped with Power Armor.

Is this right?

Is there a guide anywhere about what counts as Power Armor for the purposes of training?

I’m curious as a last question as to the reason to give him the Enclave Training, but not the secondary ability like the WO or LT to count as wearing power armor? Is it because he’s already powerful and it’s a design choice?

Either way, thanks for any and all answers.

Hi, so his ability does affact every friendly model regardless of enclave training, as it does not have the pa symbol displayed.

The other abilities, eg. From the lt all have the pa symbol before it to indicate that they are part of the enclave training ability.

The reference card state that only enclave power armor or the hellfire power armor count for the training ability.

Why he does not count of wearing a pa is up to the devs.

Hey both,

Colonel Autumn’s auras can effect any model, regardless of if they are effected by Enclave Training or not.

He has the Enclave Training symbol on his card so he can be effected by other model’s Enclave Training auras.