Enclave aura bonuses and Walked Fire

How to the Enclave aura bonuses interact with Walked Fire weapons like Gatling Lasers? Stacking bonuses on those seem extremely powerful.

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The bonuses only apply to the first shot of a walked fire weapon. This was a point of contention a while back, but James clarified in the Facebook community that they don’t stack on every shot.

Huh, would be nice to put that in the Errata somewhere. And does this apply to all bonus dice?

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It does indeed apply to other bonuses as well.

This was back-and-forthed in the forums for a while, and It should be coming in the next errata.

Here’s the Facebook post where James (the OG game designer) clarified the rulnig: Facebook Groups

I find it odd that it never made it into a FAQ, despite being a 2+ year old issue of wording and RAW vs RAI.

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Might be worth posting this in the Rules Questions section so it can get flagged for clarification / errata: Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Rules Questions - Modiphius Forums

I did, in the Wave 5 FAQ.

I think the forum is just dead.

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Now I see it, good stuff. They updated that section earlier today, look like the devs are watching for stuff to add to the next faq so hopefully this will get cleared up sooner than later.

The team have been updated and know to keep an eye on the forums now.

They will be checking on a Wednesday to update and collate any new queries.

Keep the queries in the FAQ/Questions section of the forum and they should be more on top of things going forward.