Auras and Walking Fire

Lets say you have a unit with a mini gun that gets a bunch of combat buffs (extra dice) from auras like Enclave training. Do all of the attacks from Walking Fire get those bonuses?

If I get a green and black dice from two different auras and attack, and hit, with all five shots of a walked fire weapon do I get the black and green dice for every attack roll?

Each separate attack of walking fire is a separate skill test (not action, which there’s only one of that starts the walking fire).

Effect dice say they’re added a skill test (not action)

there’s nothing in either auras or the unit cards themselves (for Enclave at least) that say these dice are the “tokens” that are one time use only like from a Charge.

Rules as written imply that you would get the aura buffs for every shot but that may be stronger then what was intended.

You would only get the bonus for the first shoot. Cant remember where it was but they confirmed on that one a while ago when the enclave was released.

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I think we covered it here. A post from AmPm and one from myself from October 2021. Post 8-9 on this thread, I think?

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yep you’re correct. it was covered in that FAQ thread. I somehow missed that when doing a search before asking.