Progress of my Brotherhood of Steel

Bought the starter and and BoS core set. Here’s the first few models so far.


Looks great, what color did you use for a base on the armor?

Leadbeltcher from gw. Washed agrax earth shade.

Good job. I assume you touched up the highlights again after the wash, right?

Well yeah! Now if only I could win a game.

What are you using for your force?

I have played several games against the Survivors faction and they haven’t even come close to beating me yet…
I play with the following: (mostly remembered this from Memory could be off a bit)
Paladin Danse w/ t-60 and Plasma Rifle, Heroic,
Aspirant Goddard w/ Gatling Laser
Paladin w/ T-60, Combat rifle, Hunter
Knight Patrol, Combat Rifle

So far I’ve only played campaign so haven’t been able to do full custome force but in that regard I roll a palidan and Goddard each with power armor. Two field scribes and 2 knight patrol.

Looking great!

Same experience here I toned down my force taking combat rifles instead of my usual laser rifles on non power armoured guys.

Las rifles are expensive but really pack a punch when you set people on fire or ignore armour and with their range let you sit back shooting twice an activation while survivors try to get close enough to return fire.

You could also add more cover for the survivor player.