Suggestion: BoS Knight Patrol rework

I can’t be the only one who is a bit bothered by the knight patrols (whom I will refer to as KP from now on).

As far as I can tell, there are no such KP in any game. They look like knights or higher ranking troops of the Brotherhood though. And from a gameplay point of view it doesn’t make sense to arm them all with laser rifles, because said weapons are almost as expansive as the model itself.

My suggestion is to turn the current KP models into knights that are not wearing power armor. That’d make more sense given how well equipped they are, and since knights aren’t cannonfodder, it makes more sense for them to have laser rifles from a gameplay perspective.

And instead of the KPs we could have new models, called Aspirants or Initiates who wear and carry more appropiate equiptment for their status - assault rifles or combat rifles for example.

How could those Initiates look like?
Fallout 4 has the Brotherhood Fatigues pictured below. Some initiates in the game wear it, however it’s a reskin of the same piece of clothing that the scribes wear. That might lead to confusion.

Another option would be to have them have the regular combat uniform - the same the KPs wear - but with less armor. Just give them a chest piece and a helmet and they’re ready to go. Similar to what Initiate D. Clarke is wearing:

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I tend to run them as Non PA Knights also, so that is a perfectly valid use of the models.

Aspirant and Initiate are both cards that have been planned, we just haven’t got round to finding a slot for them. I prefer that terminology too, based on the FO4 setup for the BoS.