Announced March Power Armor Release Questions

So Modiphius announced a new power armor set coming in March; "Also released that month will be the T51 Power Armour set. Containing three sets of Power Armour all with different weapons, this set will allow you to toughen up your troops, no matter what faction you play (well, except the Super Mutants… sorry Fist). "

  1. Since they state three sets of armor rather than three suits does this mean the set will have six suits of armor in it?

  2. The original announcement in Dev Blog #16 originally stated the set would have both T-45 and T-51 suits. Does it only have T-51 suits now.

  3. When they state that the set will toughen up troops regardless of faction (except Super Mutants) are they exaggerating a bit or will more factions have access to T-51 suits since currently only BoS and the Sole Survivor in the Survivors faction do? Currently Super Mutants, Raiders, Creatures and Robots do not and I expect that the Institute will not either.

  1. I think it’s pretty safe to assume it will be three models.

  2. That’s how I understood the post. However I sincerely hope this means we will have three T-45 models in our future as well. Lacking the powers-that-be weighing in, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Given that there are suits of the T-45 and T-51 scattered across the wasteland, it would not surprise me at all to see those suits of armor added to some models for the Raiders faction. Institute is much more of a gray area in my eyes though, and the fact that it’s a faction not currently out, it may not have been considered when they made their comment.

Maybe someone in the know will be able to answer and shed light on the topic?

I think it will be three models of T-51. We were shown the renders for the T-51s and T-45s already, three models each. The 45s will probably just arrive later on or as a surprise.

As for blog updates, plans may change slightly now and then. I would rely on the latest blogs.

It’s 2 sets, one is three T51’s the other is three T45’s

And I am completely ok with this. :smiley:

So now with T-51 released, how these models can be used? Is that correct there’s no specific unit? And basically these are models to properly represent any other armored unit?

Yep, they’re not part of a specific faction so they can be used to represent any model you want wearing power armour (provided it can wear power armour anyway, so not super mutants) :slight_smile:

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So exactly what weapons are the physical figures carrying?

For the T-51, it’s an upgraded laser rifle, Shishkebab (the flaming sword), and a flame thrower :slight_smile:

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Love how they censor “fla mer.” And I thought the one was carrying a plasma rifle, but now that I take a closer look, I realize you’re right, it’s a laser rifle.

Well if one is armed with a flame thrower, we can only hope that they will actually release a weapon card for it with wave four. While we could use the Mr. Handy one in the interim it would be nice to see if it will have the same stats as well as the point cost and what models can equip it.

I’m a little unsure how these can be used outside of Raider vets, Sole Survivor or BoS Knights, especially for battle mode, as no one else can take power armour. Its a shame a few of the companion characters can’t. One of favourite parts of the game was getting customised suits for some of my companions, I tend to find them getting turned to mush rather fast on the tabletob vs the firepower available to BoS.

Anyone can wear a suit of armour (other than creatures and super mutants of course) in standard game play, so if you want to throw them on companions, random lucky grunts or your star heroes, then go for it.

Battle Mode is more restrictive and is currently waiting for its turn for a major update, so that’s not as easy right now.

Of course, if you like to play battle mode games, feel free to ask your opponent if you can swap in some power armour options for friendly games or if your TO fancies mixing it up.

F:WW is not a restrictive game, so make it the world you want it to be.