Synths and perks/armor etc

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The reason of why Synths cannot use armors and perks is because your own game says so. :open_mouth: :hushed: :astonished: :man_facepalming:
I believe I saw this before talking about Trooper/Patroller, because they have pretty good armor, and they cannot wear “another” armor because it was said they have already an armor in their own character/unit card.

Edited: Personally, I think this could be redone in the future, at least for Gen 2 synths (Gen 3 have no Synth icon, so they could be equipped as normal), for being equipped with some armors/clothing/perks/heroic.
Edited 2: Long time ago, people asked why the Heavy Synth Armor could not be worn by any synth, because it seemed a bit incoherent.

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it is worth keeping in mind that Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is at its heart, a narrative game and the Suggested Force Lists in the scenarios are much like the Curated Wasteland lists - they are thematic suggestions to add flavour to your games. There may be instances where the suggested force list differs from the rules you may find on cards like the one you’ve posted.

Normally, when building your list, you would go by what that card says. For the scenario in the prior post, it is a special one off instance where the Synth’s are allowed to wear armor. Normally though, you are quite right - they would be unable to wear armor.

Oh sorry, I did not want to be unpolite or anything, that was not my intention, I was just surprised because of the answer “I can’t off the top of my head figure out why Synths can’t use perks or armor? Unless you are looking at the recent restructured Battle Mode lists that restrict weapons and equipment to certain types of units.” (when you don’t need to look for any list or mode) from a developer, and closing the thread, maybe leaving a wrong answer about an important synth rule.