Synth question (and minor Fallout 4 spoiler)

So I was wondering: why does X6-88 count as being a robot in the game but Sturges and Paladin Danse dont? All three of them are gen 3 synths… I get why Nick Valentine or other gen 1-2 would be robots, but gen 3’s are supposed to be biological.

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I had no idea Sturges and Danse were synths. That’s crazy!

Yeah, if you loot their corpses they have Synth chips and Danse’s loyalty quest ends with him either dying or getting kicked out of the brotherhood because he’s one

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Unfortunately my game bugged the BoS questline during the distress call he put out at the police station. I eliminated all the ghouls but he couldn’t get off the dialogue about hostiles incoming. So I just left him there and moved on. :frowning:

I had no idea about Sturges though. Very cool stuff!

That sucks: Danse is fun to have along in all his power armored glory

In response to your question though, I’m going to guess the reason Danse and Sturges are not identified as Synths is because even though that would be their physical make, they were apart of the Survivor/BoS faction, whereas X6-88 was apart of the Synth faction.

I guess from a technicality standpoint you’d be completely justifiable in adding these characters in a synth group, but not a Institute Synth faction. Just my two cents. :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback. I was more wondering why x6 can’t use food or meds since he’s flesh and blood like the other two

Maybe they’re planning on making a dedicated ‘synth’ option, but are planning on releasing it when the Institute models come out and needed something to categorise him as until then? Although I agree that it’d make more sense to give him the ability to use food and so on

Four year old game I’m pretty sure your safe with spoilers.

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Danse and Struges can be healed using stimpaks and food but not by Robot Repair Kits so they are essentially human in terms of game effects. It is likely that X6-88 will have an errata that will remove the Robot icon on it. The Robot icon is less about what they are underneath, but what rules limitations they have - so early synths will have robot restrictions (and the icon) but later model synths will not.

Whether you’re a synth underneath or not, is it not your actions that determine who you really are? (Brotherhood of Steel answer: “No. That’s filthy synth talk.”) :wink:


Thanks for the answer James. I think that once the institute faction gets released it’d be a good way to differentiate between the old synths and new ones by which ones have the icon or not. 2019 is going to be a great year.

I’d wager it’s because he’s a Courser.