Mole Rat War Cry Issue

I realize that the mole rat figures are not available yet but I was looking though the wave 2 cards and noticed that the mole rat card did not show war cry immunity, which I think that every other creature except the Alien possesses. It also does not show any war cry resistance. Since I am not aware of a single other unit that does not have one or the other, I think that this is probably an error.

On the subject though, I am not sure why all the creatures have war cry immunity. Certainly it makes sense that all robots have it and that the bugs like the radroach swarm and radscorpion have it. I could easily see the Deathclaw (and SM Behemoth) having it as well. However, ghouls and the aforementioned mole rats do not seem like they would simply be immune. Also, why does X6-88 have it? If it is because he is a synth then why doesn’t Danse have it as well?

For X6-88, he’s very cold and impassive, so it fits his character that he wouldn’t react to something like a war cry. Paladin Danse cares about the lives of those under his command, so I can imagine him hearing a war cry and yelling “Get to cover!” or pausing an advance until the immediate threat is dealt with.
As for the ghouls, I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen a ghoul run away. Mostly they seem too mindless to really think about self-preservation, so (to me at least) it makes sense that they would just continue charging/trying to eat you whether you were yelling at them or not.

Those are just my thoughts on it though :slight_smile:

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Anything that has warcry is immune to warcry itself

I not believe that is true. Anything that has Battle Cry also has resist Battle Cry at that level.They also need to have a Battle Cry immunity icon, like the SM Behemoth and Deathclaw do, to have immunity. Therefore, units like Danse do not have immunity even though they have Battle Cry.

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yup you’re right, mole rats it seems auto fail vs battle cry so as long as the battle cryer succeeds they will get bonus

As written that seems to be the case. However, there is no precedent for that in the entire game line previously so it would be nice to get an official reply. It still seems like it was an oversight and should have a resist icon.

though it does state that some units have not got resist but MAY have immunity
No doubt James Sheahan will come by sooner or latter to either confirm or deny

From James Sheahan
Hi. The Mole Rat should have the Battle Cry Immunity icon - thanks for bringing that to our attention - it will be added to the card revisions list so that icon is added. X6-88 has immunity just because he’s experienced and cool under pressure, like Ronnie Shaw - it’s not due to being a Gen 3 Synth.