Repairing robot conditions

I’m sorry for repeating myself, but the post I previously did was NOT solved, I’m still waiting for the clarification or resolution from stuff or devs associated with the game, as dearest sir who was in the thread straightforwardly ignored all what I’ve wrote and literally was saying against the rules, this is exactly why I created the topic in the first place - to get appropriate answer from dev\tester\someone similar, I can homebrew anything but I’m playing official stuff with official minis for a reason.

So would you please reopen it, or delete it in order for me to replicate it or clarify\explain yourself\with your mates, not silently choose last message in the thread as “solution”. I don’t want to double post or anything, but still would be grateful for an appropriate answer, as the previous one cannot be right at least because then robots or: cannot have broken arm\leg condition (which is again against the rules - there are no rules say about that immunity), or the rule implemented straightforward from the beginning of rulebook about repairing arm\leg with special robot repair kit is incorrect in the first place and we basically have broken rules in both cases from the corebook existing for ages.

That’s why lets again start from something small: Could robots have broken leg\arm condition in the first place? If they do can they repair it with robot repair kit? (Rules say they could with similar to stimpack item and robot repair kit is similar, but it doesn’t have arm\leg icon repair. BUT there are no other robot items similar to stimpack with appropriate icons and corebook rules are rather old, so If it was a mistacke It should’ve already been edited). If robot repair kit can’t then I’d love to see the robot item which can, as It’s clearly written in the corebook that there is such an item. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if your previous thread was locked accidently as it’s right above a thread that was answered and should have been locked.

as to your question:

Yes RAW robots can have crippled limbs unless their cards has the immunity symbol at the bottom as the robot “type” entry on page 51 says they’re only immune to poison and there’s nothing additional added in the Robot Faction card.

Can robots injured arm/leg be “healed”? Yes RAW on page 48 those conditions say they can be removed from robots with a repair kit as you mentioned.

Since the errata does not remove the robot repair kit wording from pave 48 the Repair Kits missing the Trash: leg/arm injury icons is something that should be added to those cards as you mentioned despite the rule on page 20 that cards supersede the rulebook as, after 6 years, they would have corrected that by now if they didn’t want robots to heal conditions.

As per my thoughts on the Mr Gutsy damage. A repair kit would not remove that as it’s a generic -2 token and not a condition.

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True, have the same thoughts
Hope Dom just overworked and missclicked, things happen, was just frustrated after week of waiting to see “closed” without any real dev answer.

And about eye damage, I really find it complicated. As from one point of view It isn’t broken arm condition, but from the other point of view It’s really similar and rules actually speak about -2 condition as broken arm.
There are indeed different sources of -2, but mostly those are auras. Is there actually any permanent source of another -2 but the broken arm? As if there are actually none, I’d be sure for myself that eye damage can be repaired, as It can just be bad wording and It’s actually another broken arm, but for gutsy broken arm would just sound ridiculous.

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the bother and the waiting around for an answer! Dev answers did happen (I say in past tense as we’ve changed the FAQ process recently, but back when this topic was started it certainly would’ve applied) but if a member of the community gets to the right answer first, I’ll typically mark that one as a solution and move onto folding that into the errata document if it is needed.

That was what happened here, as I felt the answer given by the community member was pretty spot on.

Monkeysloth has the correct answer here, by the way.



Thanks for the clarification! Got it! At least could fix broken tyre with my robot repair kit!