Mr Gutsy and eye damage

As we all know Mr Gutsy has a feature “Eye damage”.
Is that damage considered as a broken arm and he can’t have another broken arm -2 token and additionally I can repair it with robot repair kit?

I presume that i can As rules of play say:

However I’d love to have a little bit of a clarification :slight_smile:

-2 token is stackable if it comes from different sources. It cannot be repaired with the kit.
Stimpack card says it heals injuries, but the kit not.
Maybe there is a mistake with the robot repair kit card.

Well, the rules from the rulebook say that “The use of a Stimpak (or Robot Repair Kit for Robots) can remove this condition.” And I’ve posted that above too, It’s -2 condition. Even if Robot Repair Kit doesn’t say it on its own, there is a rule which says so
And further bit literally says
“-2 Penalty Token
This penalty token indicates the model’s Skill Values are modified by -2 for Skill Test, due to an injured arm.”

Injured arm/leg is a condition, that -2 token comes from a different condition, it is not an injured arm.
From a RPG point of view, you could house-rule that pretty well, you fix the eye with the kit.
But maybe they want to update that card.