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Wave 4 FAQ and Errata Thread

Hey folks, just to advise the November points document has been edited and re-uploaded to return the errant RPG archetype profile costs to the sheet.

As ever, if you spot issues or errors, let us know so we can catch them for the next round of errata.


Ok, but in weapon (MIRELURKHATCHLINGS CLAW) “Resolve 1 attack for every 2 hit of Mirelurk Hatchlings (round-up)”. It’s mean: X attack for each action or only X of 2 action can be attack?

Or 1 physical dmg separatly(armor check for each) for each 2 hitpoint after each successful attack?

Hi, I’m hoping this is a error on the Into The Wasteland card or else I’m missing tokens :slightly_frowning_face:. The Player Purpose-Scavange asks to gather 17 non-blank, non-letter tokens but I only have 15. Is that correct?

I understand it as two attacks per attack action if health is higher then two. Just like walked fire

I think I can understand the Enclave aura ability wrong. How does it work with Walking Fire? One dice per shot or per the whole attack?

I’ve mentioned it a few times on facebook, but the current caps list still doesn’t break up the Legendary Creatures’ individual unit cards. Based on the app’s cap values, my favorite example is Frank Horrigan.
He’s listed as 600 caps, the app has him broken down into 300, 200, and 100 caps values for versions I, II, and III.
We need the Legendary Creatures individual versions’ caps values listed or FAQ’d


Does NINJA work if friendly model has LoS to my model with NINJA?

Can I use mines by Quick Move actions or Prepare?

Reaction timing vs. “after” activation effects:

So there was a question in the facebook forum regarding whether you could react before a suicider detonates it’s nuke. I realized the question also affects when you look at searchables and use limited use items, since all of these can happen “after” an action. This conflicts with the reaction that also happens “after” an action. Some interesting wording in the rules: Specifically limited use items are described as use “immediately” after an action, reactions on the other hand happen after an action is “complete”. This can still be interpreted both ways I think?

Personally I think it’s cooler if you with a reaction marker could deny opponents looting, or healing, but on the other hand I think it kind of breaks the game sequence a bit (when are you supposed to heal or look at that searchable then?) An official answer would be appreciated.

Hi there!
While waiting for the new Super Mutant boxes, I decided to try out some characters from them and ran into a couple of troubles.

  1. So I’ve noticed that Raul Tejada is not on Super Mutants Force list despite being a part of upcoming Raul+Tabitha Super Mutant Box. Is it intentional? Is he survivor-only character?
  2. In the App Raul does not have access to advanced tech items.

Thank you!

Personally, since it was announced, I always thought that packaging Raul with Tabitha rather than Lily seemed odd. He probably should have been with Lily in a “Survivors” box even though Lily is cross faction playable much like Strong.

Maybe i’m missing something but i can’t find a Battle Mode list for the Institute, am I just blind or is it missing?

Battle mode got a separate download page. Here is the download link to the institute file:

Thanks, yeah i think i followed the general link for Battle Mode and downloaded the zip file with all the Faction lists in it but for some reason the Institute wasn’t in that.

And the battle mode file that’s in the store page was even more out of date it seems.

I have a question about “THE VESTIGES RESURGENT” part 2 scenario. At some point, a hostile creature comes into play. The rules say that it only attacks a player (not an AI). That’s fine when I’m playing vs AI, but how does it attack when 2 players?

I’m saying, I tried the creature attacking everyone. The beast basically bogged down the player who discovered it. The beast attacked his models right away (the closest) and dealt a lot of damage, poor guys couldn’t even find anything. Neither they could kill the ■■■■■■■ since the rules say it respawns healthy when killed. It’s only when another player found some stuff, the beast switched its attention to him.

Hello, I have posted some questions in Facebook’s group thats I would like to have an official answer:

1: When you use a mod like Confort grip on a pistol, and your model is a Civilian Ranger with his CQB ability or a Supermutant, do you get +2? And if it is a different model? What effect an eerie mist would have?

2: The Civilian Ranger ignores penalties shooting at CC, is a penalty giving to your enemy +1 armor rating?

3: I think I found a missing icon in the new vegas handbook, is it a poison? At the Cazadores storyline.!


4: There are some odd suggested rosters in the Synth town campaign, like a Free Tech with Mysterious Stranger perk and no way to get VATS, or a Settler with an armor and a power armor (last scenario), or Synths with perks and/or armor.

5: The Beast of the bottling plant campaign, in the suggested forces, is counting Aspirant goddard plus his power armor apart (looking at my old points list), so he is like 180 points or so. And the drugs appear in a model line, but if you calculate the points (old list), you notice the 2 psychos get the chems (this is because it should be written in 2 lines, like Synth town campaign, because it could not be equipped in a multiple model unit, as it seems written).

6: After last wave, after uploading last erratas and referente cards, the Survivors referente card is still wrong with the armor boost tokens, and the Mutand Hound does not have a “1” instead of a “X” as the last errata list says.

7: Maybe is intended, but I think Cattle Prod is REALLY cheap :sweat_smile: It makes almost the rest of 1 damage melee weapons unbuyable, without the need of causing damage, rolling with green, stunning at 60%, energy damage, and all for 3 caps… maybe it needs a review. It is really good for 3 caps, so now, Stun Baton is REALLY unbuyable for 25 caps​:sweat_smile:

By the way, I am finishing the translation and lay out of all the game to spanish, respecting everything in the original lay out, and the spanish translation of the videogame (I mean, the real reference, so people here could remember the original item that was in the videogame). I will contact you soon looking for a way to upload this and help spanish speakers to play this awesome game, and trying to make the FWW community grows here (a very unknown game) @Modiphius-Jon

doubling the question about Survivors reference card - how to exactly read it? does it add +1 armor only for Unique models and that’s it?
@DK-dark U say Cattle Prod is cheap - check out Spear → for 7 caps You get a 4 dice (black, green, yellow, blue - 4caps + stun mod for blue dice for 3 caps) and You get a 1dmg weapon which gives You quick action on Colas (that’s where the blue dice come in) AND it gives You attack quick action!! all of that for 7 caps… Devs, i would really like You to look into this weapon as it really feels broken

I agree with you both one the cattle prod and the spear. Cost should be increased for both.
But I don’t think it is broken. Against strong armor or heavy units 1 dmg weapons tend to perform not that great.

Also the stun baton should be a little cheaper.

I will open an discussion in the playtester forum.