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Wave 4 FAQ and Errata Thread

@Haumi91 they really do :slight_smile: just look at the dice number - basic is 4 die for upgraded spear 7 caps, then U add +1 black/green for charge, +1 black for strength, +1 black for narcotic and U finish with 7 die on charge which on cola gives U next attack… :smiley: believe me, even Power Armors die…

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Now I see :sweat_smile:

the problem here is you don’t need to cause damage, so a force wich plays with outnumbered models, like legion or SM, could get Cattle Prod easily in all models, they stun you easily, and they have A LOT more actions than you, and power armor doesn’t matter in this case. I think spears are fine, but just that, because you need to invest more caps (even so, is good for the price, maybe better option than 2 damage weapons) to do it stronger. Cattle Prod doesn’t need any investment, just 3 caps on any 4-5 melee skill model and it would be a solid choice

yes, 1 token just for unique models

thanks for reply, but how does it cope with the card : image

The card is wrong, it was changed a long time ago. It is 1 token for unique models only, not 2, and no token for normal models. The problem is it was not changed in the reference card list, it was uploaded still wrong with Wave 4 and 5 new PDF

this is not that easy to say - as per errata, cards which are in version 2 are with circle in the bottom right of the card - which is exactly the case with the SRV card → it is already in version 2 in PDF but the text does not comply with the errata file text !! so which one is the valid one? :smiley: @Modiphius-Jon ? can someone from the Modiphius team check this one ?

they just forgot to change all the card, circle included, you cannot even have 2 armor tokens

The strong armour is for Unique models only. It’s been covered in errata:

Removed ‘Faction’ from the title so it just says
‘Survivors’ in yellow with no title text in white.
Replaced main text of the card with:
Units which show ‘Survivor’ under their Unit

  1. During Force Set-up, each Unique model
    receives 1 [Armor Boost token] in addition to
    any they may normally receive.

I advise caution.

We have recently tried something similar for a German language edition and its currently held up and we have no certainty that it will be approved/allowed.

Foreign language versions are a really helpful thing for sure, but it needs to be signed off by Bethesda and that’s not a simple thing.