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Fallout:Wasteland Warfare - Old FAQ and Errata thread

I really wished that they would have included the instructions in the box as well, but Info is right, the instructions are available through the link they provided and it’s not a very difficult build.

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Is it a known thing that some white dice seem to be weighted? Last game with a friend he rolled very many fails and I succeded many rolls.
So I put both of them into saltwater. The first die always shifted to :gear::heavy_multiplication_x: while the other always shifted to :grey_exclamation:

I’ve seen someone else mention having that issue, apparently they just emailed Modiphius customer support and got some new die sent in the post (which didn’t have the weight problem)

Can you play battle mode against the AI only?

To be fair I brought the game for AI mode I have no friends who have any interest in table top games, they think its very, very geeky. Also will see any more AI scenarios in the future?


AI play is intended for non-Battle Mode play, but it could be used for Battle Mode. Playing against the AI using Battle Mode is really just a very restrictive equipment list.

AI play is definitely something we are keen to support. If you’ve not checked out the free AI Handbook and the Co-op Handbook (downloadable from the Modiphius site), there are 3 scenarios in both of those each with AI settings so they can be played solo or co-op (and they really showcase what the AI can deliver).

Wave 2 (which includes the Raiders) includes a free downloadable five-scenario campaign and it contains AI for all scenarios for both sides.

After that, we have plans for further AI scenarios and products.


Thanks for the reply, the future for this product sounds very cool and interesting.

I’m very new to table top miniatures but very much like what I see with wasteland warfare, I’ve gone a bit crazy and already brought some exspansions etc. I went with wasteland warfare over other table top games because it’s very much a collectible with good support for the future, plus of course the ai mechanics was a big draw.

With battle mode do you have any ideas or tips to play ai only? Should I try the scenarios first? What do you mean by restricted equipment list?

Plus I’m also looking forward to trying out call to arms!

Oh something else, has wave two released yet?

Hi. Great to hear you’re enjoying it. I would try the scenarios first, especially the ones in the two Handbooks mentioned above.

Battle Mode is a way of playing which imposes some strict limits on what a player’s force can include such as limiting what weapons and items each Unit can equip - the lists specifying this are available for Download on the Modiphius site. Battle Mode also changes the rules slightly and removes some card types from the game. This mode of play is intended primarily for competitive/organised play such as a tournament at a local shop or convention.

The default way to play is not using Battle Mode (which you may sometimes see unofficially called Narrative Mode). This is a much more open way to play as you can pretty much combine what you want in your force, has much more story-driven scenarios with varied objectives, and uses all the card types. If you’re playing solo, I wouldn’t use Battle Mode. If you do want to use Battle Mode with the AI, it’s not officially supported but should still work.

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Where can I find the rules for turrets? I’ve flipped through the campaign book and can’t seem to find it.

Never mind found it on page 51 in the main rule book.

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The RPG expansion perk chart appears to be missing the xp cost for two of the perks, Concentrated Fire, and Weak Point. Is this intentional and I’m missing a rule somewhere else?

It appears those do seem to be missing. Weak Point is 2 XP and Concentrated Fire is 3 XP. I’ll add to them to my notes for the next FAQ. Thanks for the info.

The Demolition scenario has a couple of questions:

1, how do you determine Blue/Red player.

2: Deployment. The Battlefield Setup states players choose deployment zones in the 3rd paragraph, which matches the map. However, the Initial Unit Placement information at the bottom of the column states that the players deploy very differently than the above. Which is correct?

  1. If a unit is given charges, do all models in the unit have access to the charges (like say a Stimpack), or are charges assigned individually to models? Ex: 2 charges in a 3 model unit, can any of the 3 models place the 2 charges? Also, say 2 charges and 1 model left from unit, does that model carry both charges? If killing a model in the unit, does that model drop a charge or does the full unit need to die before the charges are dropped?


  1. Who gets to play the blue player and red player is up to you.

  2. The new FAQ which should be posted in the next week or so, has some new info on Demolition which says:

The deployment mentioned in the ‘Initial Unit Placement’ section is correct. The deployment shown on the diagram is incorrect. The third paragraph in Battlefield Set-up should be replaced with ‘After the physical battlefield terrain has been set-up, pillar markers placed and charges allocated to Blue Units, players take turns deploying one model at a time starting with the Red player.’

  1. The charges should be allocated to models (not Units). - I’ll add that to the next FAQ. Note that charges cannot be Shared like normal items (as ownership doesn’t change), but can be passed to other models using the rules mentioned in the scenario.
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Thanks, great to hear!

James, what about ties in battle mode? Are they just ties of nothing is listed or should they go to caps killed, then tie?

Quick question…

If a model has a “reaction token” and its triggered via the opponents first Action, when do you use your reaction token?

Do you wait for the opponent to complete their second action or do you interrupt their action phase and react after the move that caused the reaction?

Hi. Reactions can occur at the end of each action, so you would use your Reaction (so long as the model is aware of the Trigger from that action) as soon as their first action is completed. You could choose to keep the Reaction and use it after their second action (so long as the model is aware of the Trigger from that action), or any other opponent action.

If you need it, the rule for it is on page 41 which says: Note: Reactions are declared and its Quick Action resolved after the Action that provided the Trigger is resolved, but before the next Action.

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Hi I have a question regarding 2 things in battle mod roster for BoS

Palading has an entry to equip super-sledge but no point cost in weapons table.

And the other is why Lancer Ai has hunting rifle while it cannot even take that weapon?

Also a question regarding perk concentrated fire, how does that work with a heavy weapon? Do you have to shoot as the last action of an activation and then shoot as first action of next activation to benefit? and then do you gain the +2 for all shoots if using Walked fire or just the first shoot?


Non-Walked Fire Heavy weapons: Yes, you’re right. The two shooting actions need to be one after the other, and that can be split across two activations. There are a few effects in the game that may reload the heavy weapon more quickly so it’s possible both shots could be in the same activation.
Walked Fire Heavy weapons: Just the first shot.

The Force Lists (and the restrictions they impose) are only for Battle Mode, which is intended for organised/tournament play. The Battle Mode rules are not used with Solo/Co-op Mode or Settlement Mode, so the Force Lists aren’t affected by the Standard Equipment on the AI cards. In regular play (i.e. not using Battle Mode), the Force Lists are not used so the restrictions on what models can equip what items, or even which models can be mixed in a force don’t apply.

I can’t see Super Sledge listed for any Unit the BoS Force List.

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Hi James. I had the same question about the super sledge on Brotherhood v2.2 battle mode list. I have attempted to attach a screen shot of the PDF I keep on my phone. I figured it was because they are the high end trooper so we could build a Brotherhood melee trooper if we wanted to. For what it is worth I downloaded this file on August 13th prior to starting a local scenario set.

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