Into the Vault size question

. . Hi all. I tried playing an Into the Vault session with my children. One thing I kept getting confused on was the wall length. For instance, the Corner in the Corridor section says its 4. Which the rules say is 4 wall lengths. I use Battle Systems terrain (which your Red Rocket is made of,) and so 4 wall lengths isn’t sufficient for it. I know we can kind of use our own estimation but am curious if there is any more guidance for something like this.

Also, a room that is 6 x 3 is more like 12 x 6, as it has four sides, right? Sorry that these are very, very basic questions.

Hey @Heatsaber

I don’t quite understand your first question. Could I get you to elaborate?

A 6 x 3 room is not like a 12 x 6 room. These measurements check the horizontal and the vertical distance of a room (so you would only really measure two sides, rather than four. Each horizontal and vertical side should match its twin in size). A 12 x 6 room would be twelve wall sections wide and six wall sections long.


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Yeah. I think that is why I am confused. So, I use Battle Systems terrain. Their city set has walls. For the 6x3, I’d use 6 walls to go length wise, and then 3 long. But that is half a room, so I’d have to do the same for the opposite, right, to make a whole room? That’s why I said 12 x 6. Unless 6 x 3 is really the whole room.

And my question about the corner was that 4 single wall lengths doesn’t seem to be able to make a corner if I only use 4 wall pieces of the terrain. I’m probably being dense, but I’m having a hard time visualizing what exactly it looks like, sorry!

Hi, sorry but i can’t follow you. Are you using 12x6"? Because the the wall length has now specific length. It ia totally up to you how long a wall is. I can measure the vault walls from the stl for you if you want.

2x2 room means two walls × two walls not 2"x2"

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Yeah, like Haumi91 said, as long as you are consistent, the actual length of the wall is immaterial.

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I’m sorry, this is probably my problem lol.

When you say two walls by two walls, do you mean it would make a square where all four walls touch?

I read it as 2 x 2 was two wall sections long on one end, and two wall sections wide on the other, so making a full room would require the other side of each of the above walls. So it would really be 2 wall long, 2 wall long, 2 wall wide, 2 wall wide. Or, rather, that 2x2 is one half of it. Which is why I kind of arbitrarily made the 6x3 into a 12x6.

If that isn’t the case, then this is totally my misreading, and I’m not sure where it came in.

It’s the theater of the mind that’s making it tough for me.

Ah now i get it. Yes 2x2 means two walls length and two walls width so in total you need 8 walls to construct the room.

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Thank you lol. Sorry it was so difficult.