Into the Vault errors & questions

I’m sure people will find stuff over the next week or two so here’s a thread!

Page 12 Under adding occupants. The sentence on Minor Occupants should be bulleted like Major and Critters.

Page 21 Summary. You have multiple entries with an * designating a footnote but it’s not the same footnote. The one provided is for the Sign overriding drawing a card bur you also left the * in the Behavior table for looting which should have the note of “* Make Creatures, Robots and Dogs ‘Wandering’ in place of ‘Looting’ should that behavior be rolled”.

For the size talked about on 3 page it’s an abstract “wall length” that’s never given a suggested length. This was clearly done with the intention of people just buying the modiphius vault tiles but those are 3d print only and the product, when you look at the STLS, don’t tell you what their size is (which is about 3" I believe). There are players who will be frustrated/confused by this as some people don’t like the rules letting them decide stuff like this (especially as the rules don’t tell you specifically to decide on a length) so maybe a callout in the errata what a suggested value for “Wall Length” would be warrented?


Hey @monkeysloth

  • Good spot on page 12. Minor Occupants should be bulleted.
  • Change ‘*’ on p21s Behavior Table to ‘'. Add the following to the bottom of the page: ’ Make Creatures, Robots and Dogs ‘Wandering’ in place of ‘Looting’ should that behavior be rolled.’
  • I don’t think a set Wall Length is required. The start of the book is fairly clear that players can do what they want in regards to the sizes of their walls/vaults as long as no one Vault is going to be the same. The Introduction does direct folks to use the STL Files, but equally gives the freedom for players to do what they want. At most, I’d consider a boxout or helpful hint from Vault Boy recommending that all the walls in one Vault are of the same size.


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I think that’s a reasonable solution. I do like that there’s a lot of flexibility to do what you want with the vault terrain representation (which can really change replay-ability) but so many general comments about FWW on Discord, Reddit and FB about lack of specific details in some aspects of this game so I’m just looking for areas that I know people are going to ask about. I don’t think numbers for the Wall length are needed but people do tend to need a bit of hand holding on some of this stuff due to just how most wargame and boardgame rules are written so they feel they “need permission” from the rules to do something like decide on the size of the vault walls themselves.

I think there is an issue with the example in p.3.
The 2nd example (about the Armory card and Doorway’s position) has 2 doorways but the Armory card has 1, and the explanation does not say anything about a second doorway, is it right?
P.4: Closed loops (4th line): Does it mean a Closed door or it should say Doorway? It is supposed it is a Doorway (with an open door)
P.5: Same as before, with the last line in the last paragraph, 5th bullet, about situations with Signals.
Another question is: A model needs to be unengaged to call an elevator, but it does not say they need to be unengaged to close/open a Doorway’s Door, is that intended?
P.8: First bullet seems a bit wrong, it directs you to p.16 but with the same title as the current page.

Hey @DK-dark.

  • Page 3, Second Room Diagram: Remove the door in the right hand corner of the larger room.
  • Page 4, Closed Loops, First Paragraph, Line Four: Replace ‘Door’ with ‘Unknown Doorway’.
  • Page 5, Signs, Last Paragraph, Line Seven: Replace ‘Door’ with ‘Unknown Doorway’.
  • An engaged model can interact with a Door. The Door just knows they are there and helpfully opens.
  • Page 8, Starting a Vault Scenario, Bullet Point One: Replace whole point with the following ‘Choose a Vault Scenario - see Scenarios (p.16).’


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Errata: Incidents table should say ‘Collapsed ceiling’ instead of ‘Collapsed’

  • The Incidents Table on page 14 should say ‘Collapsed Ceiling’ rather than ‘Collapsed’.


Is there any trick to print well these cards??:sweat_smile:
I don’t find a way to print this without editing the PDF and the layout.
I think these digital cards should come with the usual layout, a lot easier to print

Hey there.

Just to check, are you using the print friendly cards that are laid out in 2x4 grids with front/back pages provided?

Hi jon, these are not part of the download files, just each card seperate :sweat_smile:

Ah, that might explain that then.

Bear with me, let me find out why those didn’t get uploaded and fix it :wink:

Sorry about that.

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Right, it seems the files were provided but the team missed uploading them so they are now getting that added.

Shouldn’t take too long, then folks can redownload and get the printer compatible cards.

Sorry for the extra hassle there everyone.