Into the Vault - Atrium

The card Atrium has a size of 6x3 and 6+4 doorways… Is that intended??
That would be really really big, it is 21,6 x 10,8 inches, and the common playmat is 36x36, so it would be almost a half of the usual Battlefield.
Yes, I know you could adapt the cards/sizes… But using it as a guide/building base is like: WOW
The old handbook about building your own Vault, with the Atrium upgrade, has a good example with a 3x3, as the image.

I could not figure out the material you need to print the Atrium at 6x3 just in case you draw the card… And you need the same 6x3 for the second floor!

By the way, is there any official Elevator to print?
I would like to see it and use it there.

In other posts on facebook and maybe the forum, Jon and others have said the scale in Into the Vault are guidelines. They didn’t want to lock you into using the official vault or any other company’s model. I’ve seen other people’s printed vault walls where they build the halls and rooms to scale, but they left gaps so they would fit together logically, but not be physically connected.
A good example of that is the supply closet, because it wouldn’t actually connect because it was 2" across while everything else was scaled based on 3". Using the Atrium and the hallways and attached buildings would be a game session in itself, devoting itself to an entire map if you wanted to interact with the bad guys and other features in it.

Yep. You can read the original discussion in this thread.


Yeah, like the others have said - Into the Vault is designed to be measurement agnostic, so you can use whatever Vault terrain you like.