Red Rocket Diner issues


I’ve just received my pre-order from Gameslore UK and built the Red Rocket Diner. I love the idea of being able to clip the scenery together. However, I’ve encountered a few issues; I don’t have the extra straight clip to join the front roof to the back roof, the ‘legs’ at the front don’t seem to be able to be positioned so that they all rest on the table and, finally, the resin rocket mangles the cardboard at the top of the legs and doesn’t provide enough space for the rocket to happily fit on top.

I’ve contacted support regarding this but wondered if anyone had similar problems? I love the franchise and looking forward to play a few games but this is a bit of a disappointing start for me.



Many of us are still waiting on our orders. I have a Red Rocket coming with the items I ordered, so I’m curious about problems in the hopes of being able to avoid them when my own orders arrive.

That said, any chance you have some pictures you’d be willing to share? Give us something so we know what to watch for? Besides, maybe someone in the community would have a potential solution for your problem?

There is a YouTube video of someone assembling this kit, they mentioned that there is one very specific slightly angled piece that is used only for connecting the front and back roof pieces. If you did not have an obvious hole in your sheet of connectors then you may have used that piece somewhere else accidentally.

As for fitting the rocket into the legs, this sounds like a resin casting issue. The slots at the bottom of the rocket are probably too narrow to fit the cardboard. You could shave off the cardboard to fit or shave off the resin to make a larger slot, I’d go with the latter as it won’t weaken the support provided by the cardboard. As far as the legs not being level, I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t actually two slightly different pairs of legs that need to be matched together.


Thanks for the advice vmag, I’ll check out the video. My plan with the rocket was the glue the tops of the legs so that they are a little stronger and then shave them but attacking the resin might be the better idea.

To their massive credit, Modiphus have been super quick responding to my problem.


As far as I know both roofs don’t connect to each other but the front roof (where the rocket sits) clips to the walls. Check this video here:

There should be a left over right angle clip:

Use that instead of the non-existent extra straight clip.
I found it works best if you do not actually clip it to the wall, or other roof as that causes angle issues with all three types of clip.

Then just slide the office roof into place.

Again there is not actual attachment, it simply sits in place

The Rocket perches somewhat precariously on the card supports.

I reinforced the tabs with cello tape trimmed to fit as the card would get pushed out of shape and start peeling form its core if not done.

Also opened the grooves on the bottom of the rocket pods a bit to give a better fit.

Looks good though.

Were I to make it a piece meant to stay together I would experiment with different epoxies but I am running out of room for terrain storage so intend to clip it together as needed.

Despite the wonky instruction, and poor fit of the rocket, my biggest niggle is that the building does not anchor to its base (or at least I did not figure out that part), and it tends to shift in play.

Hope this post has been helpful.

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Used some scrap MDF to make corner posts that will keep the building in place on the floor.

There is one in each corner although the photo only shows two.

The kit should provide enough scrap thick card bits that can be cut with a pair of scissors, to do the same.

Thought I was done and discarded the bits I hadn’t used, so MDF for me then.

And naturally the pieces can be painted to blend in although if one used the card offings, that might not even be required.


On my side I used some Blu Tack to fix perches so they’ll not move :

In case you didn’t notice, and as it’s not explained in the manual, 2 of the perches are blacker on top, and shorter too, use them closest of the building. Then I fix some Blu Tack under the floor to fix some pins on 2 sides of the building

This is the upside down view

Works pretty well!