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My painted Liberty Prime

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Finished painting Liberty Prime and thought I’d share some pics.
I plan on adding rust,damage weathering etc after a few games.


Loving it.

Out of curiosity, how difficult is assembly? Is it going to be something you can pin and take apart when not using it? I’ve been kind of hoping I can simply pin everything in place, then pull it apart to either store it, or use it as a destroyed version on the table as needed.


Well I’ve glued mine in place But as far as pinning I would have thought that the legs could be the only tricky piece to pin as the hip joint connections are quite small. But the rest would probably pin quite nicely if you went through the underarm locations.


Thank you. I’ll likely pin things regardless given the size of the model, just so things don’t fall apart when I inevitably knock it over. The real question will be if those pins have the strength to hold everything with only one side glued in.

I’ve been thinking if I drill 2-3 holes and do small pins for each joint, that should give it a bit of strength, and if I paint up the pins, I can maybe make them look like cables and wires.


Personally I’d say I if I was to pin I’d use just one for the head as it fits quite easily. The bomb pack slots onto the back ( does wiggle a bit ) but pinning not essential. The arms I agree 2-3 pins. Body to hips bit tricky maybe 3 and legs to hips probably 1 thick pin (due to area of availability to pin). Feet to base 2 per foot. Fully assembled it will fit base unaided but I still fixed mine in case of shake and break.


I figured the multiple pins would be as much for cosmetic effect as practicality. Really excited to get mine now so I can poke it full of holes. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s looking great, I can’t wait to get mine now :slight_smile:

And thanks for the discussion on Pinning and where it might be neccesary, that will be really helpful once it does arrive :+1:


One last thing I forgot to mention
The hand holding the nuke is separate from the arm and if pinned would only take one due to its weight and ease of fitting.


Thought some size comparison would be appreciated


I love the fact that you can so casually sit another model on the base like that.


Thought I’d post this here since we were discussing pinning just a little bit before:

My Liberty Prime model just arrived. I’ve seen the pictures, but NOTHING prepared me for the size of this thing. Sitting the base on the table feels like you’re sitting a plate on the table. (Got my glowing ghouls and cloaked coursers too, but I’ve barely even looked at those yet. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I didn’t see any troubles with my own model, nothing broken or anything like that on first glance. (Mostly I was looking at contact points and fingers since those had been mentioned before.) Trimming some of the excess plastic is going to be a fairly significant undertaking though. The chunk sticking out of the base is about as thick as my little finger.

As for the pinning, I think that’s going to be fairly simple. With the exception of the hip joints, there’s room for multiple contact points really easily. For the hips, that might be tricky, one point of contact should be simple. Multiple pins should be doable, but I’ll need to be careful. I’ll likely start with some of the easier locations, then decide how ambitious I want to be when I get to the hips. That said, the way the hips are socketed, superglue is going to give quite a bit of strength to the hip, a single pin is going to give it all the strength you could ever want, and the only reason you would want to do multiple pins would be for cosmetic effect like what I’m planning.

My next post on the topic will probably be in my own model thread. I’ll hopefully have pictures to share then, but given that I need to find a good camera for taking pictures of models, it might be a couple of weeks before I can share much.


That is fantastic! Any chance you can do a painting guide? I haven’t been able to find one. Even if you could tell what paints you used as a start would help.

Sure thing. I’ll give you my list
All paints are citadel but I’m sure you can find a comparison list on the net.
I started spraying the whole thing with chaos black primer. Then I went over with leadbelcher
I then used (a lot) of nuln oil and drakenholf nightshade in areas I wanted to have a blue tint (eyes? Joints etc) then I painted the flatter areas with runefang steel with a highlight of stoemhost silver. The visor/eyes were painted in the following. Silver then blue wash lighter blue,blue wash white then varnished. The copper areas were scorpion brass(bronze?) The base I painted to match my other units but I’ll give you the quick rundown. Mephiston red nuln oil leadbelcher for the red areas. Desert is zandri dust agrax earthshade then drynrushed with tyrant skull.
Sorry for the late reply. As you’re probably aware the worlds a bit crazy right now.