Is Modiphius planning on expanding their 32 mm Figure range?

I was wondering if Modiphius was planning on expanding their current 32 mm figure range for Star Trek Adventures? There are so many adventures needing figures. I would recommend the following for TOS.

  1. Box of four scientist for archaeological expeditions. These wouldn’t be Starfleet Scientists, but civilians.
    1 x Female with tricorder.
    1 x Male with clipboard.
    1 x Male examining artifact.
    1 x Female with communicator.

The other four figures would be miners/crewmen in overalls.
1 x Male talking.
1 x Female with Clipboard walking.
1 x Male with tools.
1 x Female with tools.

This would make a standard 8 figurine box.

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No current plans to expand the STA miniatures line. With Elder Scrolls and Fallout Wasteland Warfare in the Modiphius stable, miniatures development and production are focused on those two lines.

Not shocking, although disappointing all the same. I was really hoping to see character sets for DS9 and Voy, along with wrath of khan era minis.


Would 3D printing be potential future option? Perhaps selling print files for people to print and paint (or not) at home? Though I can imagine that may be a copyright/IP minefield…?

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That would be an excellent item for Jim’s Q/A intake form if you ask me. The question popped up at this forum several times. Cooperation with Heroforge is, as of the latest information on that topic, definetly off the table. There have been several theories regarding potential licensing issues, but none of them have been confirmed or even commented on by officials, if I remember correctly.


I wonder why that is. If the issue is on Sky Castle Studios side, I wonder if one of the other custom figure sites (Desktop Hero) would work.

Got me a bit intrigued here, I’m a 3d art hobbyist for about 20 years now, and a Star Trek fan since I was a kid. I had planned on making my own miniatures for the game eventually also found some nice ships on thingiverse to print.

On the shapeways marketplace they let sellers sell star trek related prints, not sure how the copyright situation works with the license for sellers on their site. The cost of printing threw a service like shapeways could get pretty expensive if you want fine detail.

Seems like DarkCenturion needs some generic characters, that not only could fit in the star trek universe but could possibly be from any Sci-Fi setting. Unless they resemble a specific design from the movies or TV shows of Star Trek.

Is it possible to sell or share our own 3D files of Star Trek related miniatures legally?

Also had this idea for a 3D miniature sellers marketplace where artist could set up their own store and get commissioned to produce miniatures for people, but I don’t have the lobes for that sort of business. Wouldn’t know where to begin, but would be nice if there was a place where artists could connect with people looking for specific content for their table top games.

I know there’s a legal term called fan Art which makes it possible to make Art of a existing IP with out selling it, but when you sell I’m not exactly sure how legal that is. Like my lobes I’m not much of a lawyer either.

The issue with Hero Forge, IIRC, is a licensing issue with ViacomCBS.

So looks like I’ll be gluing fur on a mini to Caitian-ize one of my landing party!

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Argh, I would have LOVED the opportunity to use Hero Forge to craft Star Trek miniatures, especially since I only just found out a few months that Hero Forge can paint your miniatures now. (They couldn’t do that two years ago when I first got into Pathfinder and made my minis for that game. :frowning: )