STA Project Manager taking Q&A through new intake form

Oh, hell no, Jim. Those bi-hemispherical foreheads on the Miradorn creep me out. (And let’s not get started about how 90% of the Miradorns are telepathically-linked twins.) * shudder*

And the less said about the Bynars’ proto-Borgish culture, the better. (Seriously, ew.) :zipper_mouth_face:

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I concur. E.g., having two Picards in the same movie wasn’t the best idea Star Trek writers ever came up. :slight_smile:

But Team Flotter-Kukalaka sounds like an interesting challenge for a writer. Yet this Flotter Holodeck-Adventure… This needs to exist. Really, I’m dead serious. :smiley:

Thanks Jim! Would love to see some STO-related content, so glad to hear that you’re continuing to develop your relationship with them.

But it worked in “Time Squared”! /s

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Just my opinion, for the form the question should be in a text area , with more lines displayed, instead of a text field
Also in the textfield where you should put your question there’s written “your answer”, “votre réponse” in French". It’s a bit weird even if “your answer” is the answer to “What question or comment do you have about the Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG?” something like “write your question or comment here” is more user friendly

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Any news on the next project manager update video?

Working on it. Hoping to record this weekend or early next week.


Looking forward to it.

Any news on the next video?

You see, any time I wonder when @Modiphius-Jim will release the next Q/A video, I think to myself: He’s probably working on the next releaseable written content. And then I’m happily patient. :slight_smile:

I expect it to be done when it’s done. Asking won’t speed it up.

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And you’d be right. :slight_smile: I’m juggling four major releases at the moment and planning out more, plus a ton of active projects in some stage of development.

The videos will come out as I have time to record them. I have the data I need to do the next one; just need the time to do it. Possibly Friday. And I’m already planning ahead for the next one.


Well, four releases you say?

Tell me… how many releases you’re juggling? How many? How many releases? This is your last chance! End of May’s coming! How many?

Um…38 products in some form of active development at the moment. Trying to add more so I can get to 47. :slight_smile:


I was trying to get you to say five… huh. /o\ :wink: :wink: :wink:

Since we have reached the unofficial start of summer at least in the US, any updates on release dates? If I recall correctly the Shackleton Campaign setting is due at some time this summer.

Hope so, at least for the PDF. I’m okay if I have to wait longer for the physical copy. Speaking of which, I’m hoping that US distributors will have the Klingon GM kit soon… UK-US shipping is still bonkers.

Well, according to this thread, it’s still May. :stuck_out_tongue:
@Modiphius-Jim will there be a longer June or two updates this month? :wink:

Are there going to be any pointers on taking the Shackleton Campaign into other time periods? Right now, I’m looking for how it would run post Dominion War (say starting in 2379).

Working on it. Hoping to record this weekend or early next week.

Any news on the next update?

Nope. I’ll get to it when I can. I know you had like 50 questions, Phounix. :slight_smile: