STA Project Manager line update May 2023

If you’re not on the Discord or social media, here’s the link to my PM update video for the month. Even worked my way through the backlog of questions on the google form Q&A. Enjoy!


Always cool to hear the PM’s thoughts and insights. Thanks for making this.


Again, here’s a TOC:

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Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Intro & Workload as a Project Manager
00:02:45 “Recent” and recent development of the STA line
00:08:00 Plenty of Stuff in the Works (“close to fifty”?)
00:11:50 Lower Decks show & tell
00:16:40 First looks at the Lower Decks book
00:20:20 Fan Questions
00:23:50 Digest Core Rulebook PDF Availability
00:24:58 Lower Decks License
00:25:50 Romulan species talents
00:26:15 New Lifepath Options (& more species)
00:27:05 TAS Forcefield Belts
00:27:20 Possibilities for teleconference games
00:28:30 Pitches for new adventures
00:30:26 Minis
00:32:37 Chronology of the Federation
00:33:53 Ferengi Energy Whip
00:34:52 Buying d20s without d6s
00:36:28 Sourcebook of just starships and pictures
00:37:41 Mirror Universe (& timetravel) sourcebook
00:38:42 Stars random tables in Shackleton Expanse
00:39:38 Orions’ appearance
00:42:22 Game set in the Academy
00:43:42 Milestones and Directives
00:44:48 Milestones and changed Values
00:45:59 Telepathic Projection Talent (Player’s Guide)
00:47:54 Silent Scream VinShari Talent
00:49:14 Narendra Station Technical Manual & Deck Tiles
00:50:17 Tricorder Set NPCs discipline scores
00:51:15 Supplement for non-Starfleet campaigns
00:52:42 Trill symbionts
00:55:03 Klingon minis reprint
00:56:14 Calculating ship damage score
00:57:50 Captain’s Log in Keyhole of Eternity
00:58:31 Plans for 2023
00:59:40 YES!
00:59:53 Telepathic Projection Talent (Player’s Guide)
01:01:42 Starter Set reprint
01:04:19 Outtro (& 2d20 World Builders)
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