STL files for minis

So we’d love to have minis, but the physical ones are going to be a bit too costly for us (no reflection on their quality, but there’s only so much money in the bank account and many things that need buying). We do have a 3D printer, so do Modiphius sell the STLs to their minis so that we can print our own? Or failing that, is there somewhere we can get them? We found minis really improved our D&D games, and having them for STA would be great. Ideally, we’d like:

  1. Ones for several of each race of aliens, particularly the common ones (Klingons, Romulans, Borg, etc).
  2. Obviously the Federation.
  3. If there is an equivalent for HeroForge, that would be amazing, although I know it’s a very long shot.
  4. Ships.

If you have any info on these, that would be great.

Thingiverse often has STL files of some Trek ships, of varying quality, and with omissions. They’re often not easy to find, but there are a surprising number of them on the site.

e.g.: Bird of Prey


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For ships consider either STLs from Thingiverse, Cults3d or Yeggi, etc OR Micromachines, or Heroclix or Star Trek Attack Wing (this is what I use although annoyingly they havent produced a model for my Hero Ship yet.

I knocked up some Gorns, Romulans and Klingons in Heroforge and I know of someone else who recreated approximations of the various uniform styles in Heroforge. You’d just need to tweak the standard races to get ST races.

I hope this helps.

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For ships, there’s a great selection on Shapeways.

You can also find some miniatures for crew members if you search the site, like here’s a store I found just by searching “andorian federation”,

So you should be able to find other minis by searching as well.

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Unfortunately, the shapeways ones don’t seem to give the STL files very often, otherwise they would have been amazing. That Bird of Prey was awesome, ill have a dig to see if there are other things that good there. I have a HeroForge sub so might see if I knock something up, but I found that their sci fi stuff is limited and difficult to recreate ST flavoured stuff.

Thanks, your help is appreciated!