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Any news about the Homeworld setting

New info has been announced for 2020 and I am giddy with anticipation. Any news? Maybe a crumb of hint by any of the devs? :blush:

I’m curious about the way the 2d20 system will be adapted for this setting. If it is in the STA way, as a very coarse grained system, I might be less interested than if it were more like Infinity (which is my favorite 2d20 adaptation of a setting).

And I hope that this new product line (in addition to Fallout 2d20, Dishonored 2d20, Dune 2d20 and Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20) does not cut into the still not fully finalized Infinity product line.

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I’m curious about news of this as well! Thinking on the videos games, I personally feel that the Star Trek adventures treatment, especially with the ship combat rules would work wonders, since most story elements felt quite dramatic.

I do like Infinity’s treatment of 2d20 as well (i like STA the best I think)! Adding Star Trek ship combat to infinity wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. But I don’t get the impression from the lore that the people in the homeworld series are as augmented as they can be in infinity, they feel more like regular people… but then the mothership is a human connected consciousness so I just don’t know lol

The real question for me is who will the player characters be? Homeworld features multiple characters who are effectively “plugged in” to the ships themselves. But, it also has more traditional bridge officers and combat pilots (Cataclysm especially).

Would a “party” consist of someone plugged into the mothership and another player an ace pilot? Sobani marines perhaps for boarding action? Actually, would there be support for setting on Kharak and the landwars fought there in the deserts?

So many questions. I am excited to find out what they do.

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I suspect that the only reason that the game was announced last year is because it was during the time of the Homeworld 3 Fig crowdfunding, cross advertising being what it is.

Homeworld 3 is being aimed for a Q4 2022 release and that is a best case scenario. I am doubtful that the RPG will come much sooner. It will probably be timed to somewhat coincide with the video game, much like the Dune RPG is aiming to be released near the time of the new film’s debut.

It’s a common tactic. Most film IP’s with a video game tie-in have the games come out a few weeks before the films. They get to piggyback product awareness efforts on the advertising spent on the films and enjoy some of the hype that may be generated from the advertising push.

It would be great if this weren’t the case and the game comes out this year or next year, but as we can tell by the lack of response or updates from Modiphius here or anywhere else concerning the game it seems that it is long way off from release.