Could you recreate the original games as campaign?

I was wondering if the game will include systems like research, resources and manufacturing of new ships and vehicles, which would allow me to essentially tell the story of all 3 games in form of the ttrpg?

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I hope so. At least a decent, tactically diverse and challenging space combat system and a research/science system (like in STA maybe) should be part of Homeworld.

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I hope they use STA as a model for these elements; it would be easy! I haven’t experienced the STA ship rules though, are they good?

I have loved and played everything homeworld over the last 22 years, 8ts by far my favourite RTS.

As the only one in my potential gaming group (as in Wife, daughter and maybe some others) who has played and knows the history, I would be safe in retelling the story from the begining over a few campaigns… starting with Desserts of Karak.

I think this would take the hard part of developing a new campaign (the story) and allow me as GM to focus on adapting the story to TTRPG.

I would love an adventure book that does this for me, or GMs guide on how to do it easily, but I have been spoiled by the FFG star ears system

Hmm. Players that ride along and with the HW1 campaign could be really interesting. Might be scouting ahead, or be part of a boarding crew (give them a multi-beam-frigatte (oh how I loved those ships)). Analysing Betusi schematics for what ever chassis the sell the Kushan. Oh the plans in my head…

Actually, noting the features of the game says that it

  • Covers the events of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2, Homeworld Cataclysm and Deserts of Kharak.

Is it to much to hope that there will be some pre-written adventures and campaigns during these periods?

I love running the FFG Star Wars pre made adventures and would love something of that level of production quality

So to answer the OP…

Yes, now I have the game it could absolutely be used to play out the events of the original Homeworld campaign. Other eras would require the GM to put in more work- for instance, only ships from the first game are statted up so you’d need to do the HW2 ones yourself. But the corebook itself hints that we’ll be seeing dedicated sourcebooks for at least the HW2 era.

There’s also far more potential for plots set immediately after the original game than most would think, and the book gives so many plot hooks that beg to be expanded into campaigns.