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Inspiration for Homeworld: Revelations Campaigns

What sort of things are other people using to inspire their Homeworld campaign ideas?

I’ve been playing a lot of Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero, so I’ve been considering a similar “You’re all stuck in a survival situation. You’ll have to deal with hostile fauna and precarious environments while you explore an alien environment and try to get off-world.” type scenario.

I admit this is partially because I haven’t actually played any of the Homeworld games in over a decade. XD

I don’t remember any of the lore, so I’ve been trying to get back into it.

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I think I’ll start with a mission to track down the peculiar gang of Turanic Raiders that destroyed the Khar-Selim. Because in my retelling of the story the Khar-Selim carried a number of skilled scientists and technicians (in cryostasis to save food and oxygen) to recalibrate the mothership and the Raiders looted those pods for useful slave labor.
“The Fleet wants them back, so you’ve got to follow on what few leads we have.Godspeed, Captain!”
After that, there is a Galactic Council of races that might hold ancient grudges against Hiigarans but perhaps despise the Taiidan Empire even more. Who are they, where are they and might they become allies?
This might even be the right time to re-read “Hunters of the Red Moon” where interstellar slavers sell those among their loot who show some fighting spirit off to the Hunters for their “sport”.


That’s a really cool idea. And another reason why I need to play the games.

What’s “Hunters of the Red Moon”?

“Hunters of the Red Moon” is a novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley first published in 1973. It tells the story of an Earthman who gets abducted by a flying saucer run by an alien species of slave traders. They provide him with a translation implant and put him together with the other people from different planets that they have captured in isolated places. The Earthman makes a few friends and they come up with a plan to break free and perhaps capture the spaceship, but it turns out it was just a test by the slavers to find out who has some fighting spirit left inside. So the chosen few get sold as Game to the Hunters.
Recent reviews have called it a fusion of the Hunger Games and Predator. The Game can pick any melee weapon in the arsenal of the Hunters (who have been doing this for a long time - among their trophies is a Samurai katana dating to the 16th century). Slingshots are acceptable, too. The Hunters will use the same range of weapons. The Game gets transported to the hunting area on the moon and will be hunted for eleven days (some hours of daily downtime included for some rest). Any survivors will receive plenty of money and passage to a planet of their choice within one hundred lightyears.
And there’s a lot of killing spread over those eleven days …

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Having not played any of the HW PC games in over a decade, nor familiar with the lore outside a few YT videos and the HW Wiki, I don’t have an “inspiration” for running a campaign. I need some more lore, timeline, and information on the setting in order to know where to start as a GM.
My main Sci-Fi references will be Babylon 5 & The Expanse (politics/harshness of space), with a bit of Star Trek (exploration), and Endless Space 2 (PC Game, story missions/quests) thrown in.

I get that. Right now I’m approaching it as a sort of “generic sci-fi setting with gorgeous art”. I’m not mentally treating it as Star Trek Adventures 2.0 exactly, but I’m certain leaning on my experience with that system to craft my assumptions.