Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook

Hi, cool that it’s out! Nicely done!

I’ve glanced over it and I already have something to complain about: The Argrathi species talents say that you get “+1 to all rolls”. What does that mean? It can’t surely be +1 to the result, because rolling higher is bad. So does it mean +1 to the TN, 1 bonus Momentum, -1 Difficulty, or +1 die?

Also, thanks for including the Prometheus. I have to see if I can reverse-engineer the stats for the class.


Did I miss all the marketing stuff for this release? I’m pleased it’s out, and will be downloading the PDF when I get home :slight_smile:

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I can’t speak to the intent when that entry was written, but for the most straightforward impact to apply, count it as 1 bonus Momentum.

Battlecruiser has Ablative armour, scale 6 and resistance 6, seems strange the flagship doesn’t have armouring. Are the stats for the Son’a Battlecruiser and Flagship around the wrong way?
Should not all dominion ships have advanced transporters and anti-cloak sensors?

Where does one find details for the Ramscoop Enhancement?
pg. 81-82

Anyone have any images in Domion Dispatch Vessel, Vorta Explorer or Karemma Cruiser?

USS Prometheus Scale 4 Resistance 4, Ablative Armour should make that Resistance 6. Have I missed the ship profile for Promethues class? It seems freaking OP? Systems add up to 63 systems 19. The Enterprise-D has 59 and 15, true the extra 10 years would make that a 60, but it seems insane.
pg. 86

USS Valiant is Scale 3, Resistance 3, with Ablative Armour should be 5. pg.88

USS Majestic scale 4 resistance 4, rugged design should make it 5. pg.89

K’t’inga Refit has no talents. pg.89

D’Deridex scale 6 resistance 6, rugged design should make it 7, also only “Rugged” is written. pg. 90

The refitted K’Tinga Class is lacking the Talent Cloaking Device.
Is that intendet or an error?

I love this book, but there are certainly a few errors. Here’s one more:

  1. USS Prometheus should have EMH as one of its talents, which would put it beyond its maximum normal number of allotted talents (so maybe why they didn’t include it?) Alternatively, they could have written in an exception, like they did with the Daedalus class.

The Dominion Dispatch Vessel and Vorta Explorer are described as variants of the Attack Ship, and the Karemma Cruiser is actually shown in a few episodes of DS9.

It would have been nice to see a Prometheus class spaceframe in addition to the individual ship itself.

Rugged Design lowers the difficulty for repairing the ship by 1 to a minimum of 1, not increasing Resistance.

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Maybe TheBalzan was thinking of Improved Hull Integrity?

Some of the listed stuff are typos, some aren’t. The intent of the writer was that the gamemaster might fill in some of the missing talents, but we’re working up a list of suggested talents and an errata document. Please send any errors or perceived errors to me at jim at Thanks!

I’ve been holding off adding any new spaceframes to supplements aside from the Command Sourcebook because I’m hoping to develop a dedicated starship product at some point, and don’t want to spread spaceframes around multiple books. I hate making fans feel like they have to buy a bunch of books to just get a couple spaceframes here and there.


Did someone say Starships product?


Ooh. Well in that case, I’m 100% down with waiting to add new spaceframes so we can get a dedicated starship book. :grinning:


Maybe TheBalzan was thinking of Improved Hull Integrity?

He definitely was… That’s embarrassing.

The Dominion Dispatch Vessel and Vorta Explorer are described as variants of the Attack Ship, and the Karemma Cruiser is actually shown in a few episodes of DS9.

Google was giving me nothing for Kareema… Which makes sense cause it’s Karemma. This is what happens when you read the book at 3 in the morning.

Why not put them in and reprint them in the future supplement anyway to collate current printed ships and add new ones, I’m sure most DM’s wont mind if a starship supplement has reprints


Maybe the intent is that the crew of these named ships already invested some Milestones into them. I just proofread the Federation ship’s numbers to verify.

USS Galaxy

  • Systems sum: 59
  • Department sum: 15 (Strategic and Diplomatic Operations mission profile)
  • Refits (1):
    • Comms +1
  • Correct

USS Sutherland

  • Systems sum: 59 (with Weapons pod)
  • Department sum: 13 (Impossible to create)
    • I guess it uses the Tactical Operations mission profile, but Engineering would have to be 4. Possibly typo.
  • Refits (1):
    • Structure +1
  • Likely typo

USS Lakota

  • Systems sum: 59
  • Department sum: 15 (Tactical Operations mission profile)
  • Refits (8):
    • Comms +1
    • Computers +1
    • Engines +2
    • Sensors +1
    • Structure +1
    • Weapons +2
  • Correct

USS Valiant

  • Systems sum: 58
  • Department sum: 16 (Technical Testbed mission profile)
  • Refits: None
  • Apparently got one Arc Milestone that increased Engineering by +1
  • Typo or intended. The Arc Milestone could be an intentional throwback to the episode where Nog basically fixed up the ship. In that case: well done!

USS Majestic

  • Systems sum: 60
  • Department sum: 14 (Impossible to create)
    • Possibly has Multirole Explorer mission profile and is missing +1 Medicine
    • More likely it has Pathfinder and Reconnaissance Operations mission profile and is missing +1 Conn
  • Refits (10):
    • Comms +1
    • Computers +2
    • Engines +2
    • Sensors +2
    • Structure +2
    • Weapons +1
  • Likely typo

USS Prometheus

  • Systems sum: 63!
  • Department sum: 19!
    • I guess Technical Testbed mission profile since it’s the only one with Command 1
  • Refits: Clearly none since it’s a cutting edge prototype
  • Ok, so the crew spent at least 4 Arc Milestones to bump up the Departments, since every (player) ship starts with a Department sum of 15. A Systems sum of 63 seems very high, even Sovereign and Luna class have 60 max. Also Weapons 14!
  • Likely not correct.

Prometheus class Spaceframe

So can we extrapolate what the Prometheus class spaceframe looks like? Maybe. Since the Prometheus class is designed for deep-space tactical assignments, I’m going to assume that the Science and Medicine scores are not that high for a freshly generated player ship. And assuming that the USS Prometheus uses the Technical Testbed mission profile, the Departments bonuses are:

  • Security +2
  • Engineering or Science +1 (that’s impossible to know but Engineering seems more likely because of the powerful warp drive)

As for Talents, again assuming the Technical Testbed USS Prometheus, Advanced Shields can only come from that, so it’s not a spaceframe Talent. MVAM is obviously a spaceframe Talent, so that gives us:

  • Multi-Vector Assault Mode
  • Ablative Armor (seems likely since most modern Federation (war)ships come with that)
  • Redundant Systems (Propulsion) (fits, but may also be optional)

Also, scale 5 might fit better since the Prometheus is closer in length to the Excelsior class than to the Miranda class. But that is highly open for interpretation I guess. It would make it easier to cramp the missing EMH Talent into the USS Prometheus.

I figured the 14 weapons was one of the few stats that were correct. That puts it just above the Defiant. I could see the Prometheus, with all its automation, having a talents that boost a discipline by 1 each. But 63/19 has to be a mistake.

Strictly speaking, not an error. The Prometheus is presented as an NPC ship, rather than a spaceframe for a PC ship, and NPC vessels have no use for talents which affect or provide supporting characters.

How an NPC vessel is presented does not necessarily have to align with the PC ship rules.

That’s of course true, but it does not make much sense to me to present named Federation starships which cannot be created by the given rules. Because if the rules cannot be used to recreate their favorite ships, then maybe the rules are lacking.

Like the character creation rules work really well, since you could build all of our favorite Star Trek characters. Obviously the rules have to be stretched a bit once in a while by creating new Talents and such, but overall they work. And the same should go for starship creation rules.

A simple solution would be to say the USS Prometheus crew invested an Arc Milestone to get an additional Talent for the ship.


Technically, both statements by @Modiphius-Nathan and @Shran are true and even compatible. They’re just written from different perspectives. :slight_smile:

…from a certain point of view.

Sorry, wrong franchise.


pg 82
Sona Warship
Where can we find the Ramscoop Enhancement rules?