Starter Set Pregen Questions

Had some questions about the the Starter Set pregen.

1.) Lian Zhang has the Jury Rig talent, but she only has a Engineering of 3, and in order to have Jury Rig she needs to have an Engineering of 4 or higher. So is she supposed to have another talent instead of Jury Rig or are her Disciplines wrong? Her Disciplines total to 16.

Note, also she is in the Quickstart book with the same stats.

2.) The USS Magellan doesn’t have a Mission Profile Talent for its role as a Multirole Explorer.

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I have a vague recollection of a reddit conversation about things like this. I think the conclusion was that the starter set or quickstart characters were meant to get people playing quickly, rather than to be an example of how characters should look after creation.

Ohh, while we’re at it: @Modiphius-Jim any chance for a Klingon Quickstart/Pregen? :smiley:

Also, apparantly the pre-gens are all naked, because they don’t have uniforms listed in their equipment section.

Betazoid wedding edition?


Certainly 50-50. :smiley: