Requesting help on a few things

I am a new GM and while there is information that is more out of my current scope I have different reasons for asking for such info but still

I would like some advice on Creating some custom ships and weapons for Star Trek Adventures namely on my list is the Galaxy X Refit from the TNG Episode “All Good Things” This would also need the Creation of rules concerning the Lance Phaser Cannon that is on the spine of the ship this request is more for just Geeking out a bit

I would also like some tips as far as actually building a custom ship off of specs from just pure write up mainly from a Star Trek Play By Post RP club I am with This is for maybe for some new Campaign at some point using the clubs designs

I am also wondering if there is a List somewhere with all the Weapon Quality Descriptions that are easier to find than in the core book just as a quick reference I would like other Quick references for whatever we need as my and my group are still learning the system

If you have access to the GM screen, it has a list of weapon qualities. Alternatively, I just copy/pasted the list from the PDF of the rulebook to create your my reference sheet.

@Vuk83 has you on the custom ships. That workup was more or less it - we’re not going to get anything official (although we’re trying to get them to change their minds).

You could also use the refit rules to handle 3 decades of upgrades to the existing Enterprise D.

One thing to bear in mind is that ship systems and departments don’t actually make that much difference in normal play. They contribute only 1 out of 3 (minimum) dice for a normal shipboard task. The important numbers are the power, resistance, scale and shield (and so forth) figures which are relatively easy to fudge, and of course, the weapons and talents.

Departments can be quite a big advantage given that all ship assists count as having focus.

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Thanks Man I really appreciate the help!

Thanks man!

However while I do have access to the GM Screen that only gives me the Personnel weapons qualities I was looking more for the Ship Weapon Qualities but I will take your idea and make my own cheat sheet for that from the Core rulebook!

The Battleship version of the Galaxy Class…
I’d suggest +2 Engines, +2 weapons, add a Phaser cannon, quantum torpedoes.

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I agree, but it’s still only 1 die out of 3 minimum.

Note that for NPC vessels, the crew’s department ratings are more significant and also count as focuses.