Special rules list for NPC's, ship weapons, items and talents wanted

going through different Book provided NPC’s i love all the detail put into them. Buthas anyone created a list with just all of the special rules together. This has been very frustrating to try and read through each book until you fond the special rules definitions for the NPC you want to use. Has anyone put out a list with just the special rules to have a quick reference of these.
(Heads up if anyone can help i am currently stuck trying to find the special rule for “machine 2 & 3” out of the delta quandrant rule book)

Yes, there’s someone who has created a list with all (well, the most common) special abilities together. Modiphius has printed it on p. 312 / 313 of the Core Rules; if you prefer to look it up in the Klingon Core (preview), see p. 278 / 279. Both lists also contain the Machine X trait on p. 313 / 279, respectively. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much…that explains it I was looking in the wrong book

Do you know if anyone has made just a simple cheat sheet with this info on it. EX special rules, effects and weapons

There’s one on the GM screen. :slight_smile:
Apart from that, I do not know of any compiled list. Maybe look at Continuing Missions; that is my go-to blog for any STA related material.

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Yep GM screen. I also take screencaps from my digital files and import them into Roll20 and add it to the screen so my players and I can have a quick reference in-game.

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