How to determine NPC ship stats?

I’ve read the core rule book and Klingon rule book a few times to try and figure this out, but I can’t seem to find anything in there about how to determine stats for a NPC ship’s systems and departments. For example if I wanted to create my own Romulan, Cardassian, or Dominion ship for my players to go up against (or using a previously existing ship from another work), I don’t know how many points I allocate to their systems and departments.

I’ve seen others talking about the scale of the ship, but I couldn’t find anything in the core book as to how that effects the main stats.

I came across this blog that gives a good breakdown on points based on their own observations, but I was wondering if there is anything official on Modiphius’ end?

Not yet. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, grab any of the starship NPC builds out there in the various books and tweak the stats to your desire.


There’s also a lot of good fan work out there. Check out Continuing Missions for a good selection - or look for posts by @Sutehp, although those are mostly focussed on potential PC ships.

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Thank you for affirming that, I thought there was something for that in one of the two rule books and when I couldn’t find anything in them I checked the gamemaster and player’s guides to see if there was anything in there only to find nothing in them as well.

But it is good to know at some point there will be a sourcebook that explains how to do it.

Yeah, my article on determining Scale at Continuing Mission can be found here, but it’s a bit obsolete in light of the publication of the Discovery PDFs directly implying that size alone is not the only factor in determining Scale. I’m waiting on the upcoming Utopia Planitia sourcebook to fill in the gaps that I might have missed. Do we have a rough release date for that yet?

Expected release Q3/Q4 2022.