My attempt at NPC ship GM aids

Hey folks,
We’ve been playing a few round before our stream starts and I found myself working to keep up with ship combat, especially with more than one ship. So I tried to make a cheat sheet.

It’s in Google Sheets and will automagically fill in some fields based on selections. I think I have it all sorted but would love some of you to look at it. (I know, it’s not pretty.)

Basically, you’ll…

  1. Choose your Crew
  2. Fill in values for Systems and Departments
  3. Fill in Scale
  4. Fill in Tractor Beam
  5. Select up to 4 weapons and types
    The rest should fill in on its own. Then finish with Traits and Specials.

The space at the bottom is for a simple way to keep track of shields and breaches per ship.
There’s also a little cheat sheet for what I felt were most common to use for NPC ships.

I’d love to get some feedback from experienced players on what they think before I start making a bunch of sheets and laminating them.

Here’s the sheet! Hope you like it and find it helpful.


Here’s a PDF of a D’Deridex for an example D’Deridex Romulan Wardbird.pdf (38.1 KB)

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Nice! Although I noticed you don’t have this form locked—I was able to go in and make an edit. Might want to lock it down in case of accidents/vandalism.

Hmmm… I thought I locked it down. I left some cells open so people could go in and play around to see if it works. I’ll double check to see if the important pages are open and if so I’ll close them up. Thanks for the heads up. (I also have a separate copy, just in case.)

I wanted to look at this and see how it would work, so I downloaded it as an excel sheet. Due to how you are creating it and ‘deploying’ it, it is incompatible with MS Excel. It’s not the first time I have encountered something like this with Google Docs, and unfortunately, that means I won’t be able to use it.

This looks promising. I’ve been working on something similar as I am redesigning my own ship sheets. (along with Main Character sheets, Supporting Characters, NPCs)

Some thoughts and suggestions:

  • As this is an NPC sheet, ship stats are fixed (outside of special ships but they won’t really use NPC damage rules anyway), thus you can auto-populate Systems, Departments, Scale, Resistance and Tractor Beam using tables. MephitJames created a table incorporating all official and unofficial Continuing Mission content.
  • There are currently no ENT era weapons
  • No Borg Weapons
  • All ships are listed as Ship 1
  • Resistance is based entirely off scale and does not incorporate talents
  • As this is directed exclusively at NPC ship damage rules a simplified version of the Breach effects could be referenced for ease
  • A power track could also be useful as this is another area that gets confusing

I may have other thoughts, but these were the ones that immediately came to mind.

Very nice though.

I am making a variant of this based on my Ship Registry sheets using Excel. I remember you were not overly fond of the simple aesthetic I was using, but I am updating that to the LCARS feel per my Character Sheet WIP post.

Watch this space.

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Sorry about that. I don’t have Excel so this is the only way I know how to do it. Is there something I can change that will make it work with Excel?

Thanks so much for taking a look! I really appreciate the feedback.

I thought about auto-populating stuff and then decided to leave it so people could homebrew ships easier. Having said that though being able to automatically create a sheet would be nice. Maybe an entry form that gives the option to adjust base numbers before printing the final sheet?

This is so great! Thank you!

I just pulled things out of the Core book. I honestly didn’t know there was a difference. Where are those listed?

OHHHH yeah. Forgot about that.

I can work on making a talent pull-down.

I was going to do some fancy formulas to add that in and mark certain breach points but reached the limit of my spreadsheet experience. I’ll keep digging because I would love to do that.

Consider that one done! (I can’t believe I forgot to add that)

Thanks again for all the feedback. I’ll have to revisit this soon but for now I’ve got to start building the campaign for our stream. We’re starting in less than 2 weeks!

They are in Command. TBH it was somewhat shortsighted of me as my default presumption is everyone is as nuts about this system as me and has everything.

Excel cant pull pictures in the same way so all your bar ends come as errors killing the aesthetic.

Also your formula for populating checkboxes doesn’t work in Excel, but is in fact easier.

Lastly Array formulas do not work in the same way.

I’ve edited it in excel and hopefullygot everything working. @SSiron does this work better for you?!AjcrYYR6LwEcgqYXBCoOAWdscW-L8A

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■■■■■■! I wish there was an easier way to get that LCARS look but I just don’t know what it is without going into Illustrator and doing it all… which I may have done for our live stream overlay.

When I try opening that one, it gives me a " This item might not exist or is no longer available

This item might have been deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to view it. Contact the owner of this item for more information." error… Don’t know what is going on with that…

Edit: Nevermind, that was due to my ‘account’ being frozen from inactivity… LOL

That’s working much better, thanks @StephenBirks.

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I just downloaded the images per the hyperlink command and inserted them manually.